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SM57-X2U - SM57+X2u USB Digital Bundle



USB digital bundle includes the SM57 cardioid dynamic instrument microphone and a host of accessories.

X2u Monitor Function and Signal Latency



Does the X2u have latency in its MONITOR circuit?  In other words, does it delay the audio signal heard at the X2u headphone jack? Answer The answer is "No."  The headphone jack on the X2u has a dire...

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SM58-X2U - SM58+X2u USB Digital Bundle



USB digital bundle includes the SM58 cardioid dynamic instrument microphone and a host of accessories.

X2U and Windows Skype



Just took delivery of an X2U and am liking it, but am wondering about proper Skype and laptop settings. When I first plugged the X2U in, Skype showed the X2U as an option for both the mic and for pla...

X2u - ambient sound, slapback, and echoes



Why am I hearing an ambient sound, doubling, or "slapback" when using my X2u? Answer If you are hearing this during recording, but not during playback the answer lies in your software and hardware mo...

No playback from X2u headphone jack



I am not hearing any playback from the computer out of the X2u headphone jack. Answer Rotate the monitor blend knob into the playback position. Plug headphones into the jack on the side of the X2u. P...

X2u and Pro Tools Incompatibility



I have Pro Tools by Digi-Design on my computer. When I attempt to use the Shure X2u, it will not work properly. Any ideas? Answer Sorry, the X2u will not work properly on a computer that has had Pr...

X2u and DAW Software Compatibility



Can the X2u be used with every DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software package? Answer The Shure X2u can be used with most, but not all, popular DAW recording software. The X2u USB interface uses th...

SM58 with X2U on Apple OSX 10.9.3



My son purchased a Shure mic for my birthday, and I need help with getting it set up with Audacity. I've plugged in the USB and followed the instructions from the video on your website. The quicktime...

X2u or Shure USB Microphone compatibility with Pro Tools 9



Will the Shure X2u or a Shure PG series USB microphone work with Pro Tool 9 software? Answer With the introduction of Pro Tools 9 (and Pro Tools HD9) in November 2010, the user is no longer restricte...

X2u with XBOX 360?



Will the Shure X2u XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter work with the XBOX 360? Answer No. The Shure X2U is designed to be used with a computer that has recording software installed. Basically, the X2U is a sub...

X2u stopped working



I have an X2u that I have used for a few months. It used to work fine, but now my new computer does not recognize it. It does not show up in any of the control panels. The green light never comes o...

SM58 and X2u magnetic shielding



I just recently purchased the Shure SM58 along with the x2u and i'm wondering about the magnetic shielding. I hear dynamic microphones have magnets in them but i'm not sure how powerful they are an...

Multiple X2U or Motiv devices into one computer



Can I use 4 X2U devices to record simultaneously with my Mac? The Mac has 4 USB ports. Answer It depends upon the configuration of the Mac computer. The MV5, MV51, MVi, and X2U act as USB audio devic...

X2u, PG27USB, PG42USB clipping, distorting in Windows 7 and Vista



When I plug the X2u into my Windows 7 computer, the recording is clipped and distorted. What can I do? Answer In Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft added an additional gain stage in the Control P...

SM7B with the X2U



I just got an SM7B and and X2U to interface with my computer. The tri-color indicator on the X2U rarely goes green unless I yell into the mic, and my voice recording on Audacity is too low (and I d...

X2u with Apple iPad?



I called and spoke to a support engineer to ask about the power draw of the X2U through USB. I was told that there wasn't any information Shure had available to determine whether the unit would wor...

Recording with the X2u XLR-to-USB Adapter



Learn how to use your favorite microphones to digitally record on your Mac or PC whenever and wherever you want.

X2u plugged into Pioneer DJ mixer?



I have a Pioneer DJ mixer model DJM-5000. Can I plug the X2u into the USB port of this mixer? Answer Unfortunately, that is not possible. USB connections are a master-client type connection. Typicall...

Shure X2u or USB Mic with Apple Mavericks Operating System



I tried the Shure PG42-USB on my wife's 2013 iMac which is running Mountain Lion. The mic works fine on that 2013 machine with QuickTime 10.2.Yet, the same mic does not work with the Mavericks OS. An...

X2u disabled input controls



In my Mac system preferences (OSX 10.5.7), it says the selected device has no input controls. When using garage band to record voiceovers, I am not able to use the recording volume control on the sof...

X2u - No audio input to recording software



I am using a Windows computer and Audacity as the recording software.  I do not hear or see any audio signal from the X2u in my recording software, but I see audio on the X2u LED indicator.  Please h...

X2u not showing up on Apple Computers and/or Third Party Recording Software



I connect the X2u to a Macintosh computer. The X2u works fine with Garageband. With Digital Performer, software recognizes Shure Digital, but I get the error message \"MOTU MAS error\". No audio pass...

Motiv MVi compared to X2u



Please compare the MVi to the X2U USB interface. Answer X2U: USB only Input: XLR-Female Bit Depth / Sampling Rate: 16-bit / 48kHz Adjustable Gain Range: 50dB Phantom Power: 48 volts MVi: USB or iOS I...

Does the X2u require a software driver?



Do I need to download a driver for the Shure X2u? Answer The X2u uses the drivers that are built into the operating system. No external driver is needed. Attachment Link(s) Last Edit Date 1/29/2019 F...

X2u & Windows 10



Can I use the Shure X2u with Windows 10?  The X2u gets high ratings, but I can not find if it is compatible with Windows 10. Answer I went and tested the X2U on a computer here that was running Windo...

X2u 60 Hz hum



I get a noticeable hum on my sound input when using this set up: SM58 > X2U > USB port (of my MacBookPro). This is in my home not a studio. I notice that I can change the hum level with the mic orien...

X2u specifications



What are the specifications for the X2u? Answer Many specifications for the X2u can be found in the User Guide.  Here are some additional specifications. Frequency response: flat from 100 Hz to 10,00...

X2u connected to a mic preamp



Can the output of a mic preamp connect into the X2u? Answer As a general rule, the answer is "no", as the signal level from the preamp will clip the input of the X2u. You could attenuate the mic prea...

X2u - How to Record on a Computer - Video tutorial



X2u - How to Record on a Computer - Video tutorial Answer Attachment Link(s) Last Edit Date 1/29/2019 FAQ Related Articles PG42USB - How to Record on a Computer - Video tutorial Number of Views 49 Mu...

How do I install the Windows drivers for the X2u?



How do I install the Windows software drivers for the X2u Mic/USB interface? Answer Software drivers for Windows do not need to be installed to use the X2u. When the X2u is connected for the first ti...

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X2U - XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter



XLR-to-USB signal adapter connects any XLR microphone to a computer for recording with headphone monitoring.

X2u compatibility with ProTools 10



I am having problems getting the X2u to work with ProTools 10. Do these work together? Answer We were able to get this working on 2 different MacBook Pros (both running OS X 10.8.5) in Pro Tools 10 a...

MX391BP Microphone with the X2u Computer Interface



I am using an MX391BP boundary microphone with an X2u USB audio interface to record round-table discussions on my computer. The sound level from the microphone is very low, and the recordings are not...

X2u with SM58 - level is too low



I just bought the X2u + SM58 bundle, and even with the mic gain on the X2u maxed out, I'm getting rather low levels (I have to speak/sing pretty loud to get into the yellow range). What can I do to b...

Shure X2u Specifications



I am considering using multiple of your X2u for an ocean going Linux based robotic system.  Can you say what the likely actual power consumption is? Can you say what the full set of sampling frequenc...

Do the X2u/PG27USB/PG42USB work with Vista 64-bit version?



Do the X2u/PG27USB/PG42USB work with Vista 64-bit version? Answer Yes. These devices function with all versions of Microsoft Windows Vista. Attachment Link(s) Last Edit Date 1/29/2019 FAQ Related Art...

X2u and Adobe Audition



Do you have any hints on how to use the X2u with Adobe Audition recording software? Answer Connect the Shure x2U Device or USB mic to a Powered USB port. Launch Adobe Audition. Choose Options > Devic...

Recording Audio from a Computer



In this post, we turned to Shure Associate Gabe Benitez for an overview of computer recording considerations and fundamentals.

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A55HM - A55HM Snap-in Shock Stopper Mount



Snap-in shock stopper mount consists of an isolation mount and adapter that attaches a microphone with a shaft diameter of 3/4-inch (25 to 30 mm) mm to a stand.

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A55M - A55M Shock Mount Microphone Clip



Shock mount microphone clip consists of an isolation mount and adapter that attaches a microphone with a shaft diameter of 3/4-inch or larger (25 to 30 mm) to a stand.

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SM57 - Dynamic Instrument Microphone



Cardioid dynamic instrument microphone offers clean reproduction of amplified and acoustic instruments.

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A2WS - A2WS Locking Microphone Windscreen



Locking windscreen reduces unwanted breath and wind noise.

"Shure Digital" doesn't show up in Mac OS X Sound Preferences Panel



"Shure Digital" doesn't show up in Mac OS X Sound Preferences Panel Answer Be sure the X2u/PG27-USB/PG42-USB is connected to a powered USB Port Switch the device to a different Powered USB Port. If t...

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A81WS - A81WS Large Foam Microphone Windscreen



Large foam microphone windscreen reduces unwanted breath and wind noise while using Shure end address microphones.

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A75M - A75M Universal Microphone Mount



Universal microphone mount features a dual-jaw, quick-release design for versatile and secure placement and removal of microphones.

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A56D - A56D Drum Microphone Mount



Microphone drum mount attaches a microphone to the side of a drum for compact and accurate drum mic placement.

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SM58 - Dynamic Vocal Microphone



Legendary cardioid vocal microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction.

PG42 USB with Apple OS El Capitan



Loved the PG42 USB with my previous Macbook pro, but now have a new one that is running El Capitan. After a few minutes of recording, it gets an error where the recording repeats a small clip of audi...