Shure Certification and AVIXA CTS Training

Samantha Gibbs | August 21, 2020 Shure Certification and AVIXA CTS Training

AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS)

Shure has been a proud AVIXA Education Sponsor for some time now, and we work closely together to help build the level of knowledge within the AV industry. 

Alongside this, many Shure courses are registered with AVIXA and offer CTS Renewal Units. 

I spoke to some members of the Shure Market Development team who have AVIXA CTS to ask why you should consider signing up for the CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D programs.

Q: How is AVIXA CTS certification helpful to a systems integrator?  

A: CTS Certification courses provide an Integrator a solid base of industry knowledge.

AVIXA course material and testing provides industry-specific training that is not found anywhere else.

When hiring prospective employees, integrators can hire with confidence knowing a prospective candidate has achieved a solid understanding of industry best practices.

Q: What can an integrator gain from being CTS certified?

A: A more well-trained staff that is armed with best practice knowledge to become more efficient and accurate in system design & installation. This translates into less wasted time per project. End users and consultants have leveraged the AVIXIA Certifications as required standards for bid response. Without Certification, integrators could lose out on project opportunities.

Q: Why would you recommend becoming CTS certified?

A: As a current CTS-I Certified person, it has helped build comfort & confidence more quickly with end users who are in technical roles. CTS Certification demonstrates an individual’s passion and commitment to the AV industry. 

For more information on AVIXA CTS, visit the AVIXA website.

Via the Shure Certification programs, you can earn AVIXA CTS RU. 

Shure Certification

Shure has developed two certification programs for those who work in and support both the integrated systems and live events industries. 

These programs offer comprehensive conceptional training alongside Shure product courses to allow integrators, consultants, AV, sound and front of house engineers to increase the knowledge they need to work out in the field. 

Integrated Systems Certification 

Who is it for?

Level 1 is aimed at customer-facing individuals from sales-focused to technical professionals who provide their customers and clients product information and best practices for applications relating to solutions from the Shure Integrated Systems portfolio. Level 1 Certification is the prerequisite for Level 2 Certification.

Level 2 supports experienced AV integrators, installers, and technical-focused professionals who understand the challenges of system design, setup and configuration.

Click here to find out more.

RF Certification

Who is it for?

The program is intended for RF coordinators and audio professionals who design and operate wireless systems for touring acts, live performance, events, Houses of Worship, broadcast, and theatrical productions.

·         RF coordinators

·         Live sound engineers (FOH and mix)

·         Sound designers and stage producers

·         Events and touring support

·         System integrators working with complex wireless audio requirements

Click here to find out more.

How many CTS Renewal Units can I get for completing these?

I’m asked this question on a regular basis, and I’m pleased to say, that it’s not just the Shure certification courses which have CTS RU. Take a look at the below to see which online courses do and how many each is worth.

Course NameCTS RU Available upon Completion
Best Practices for Merging AV and IT Systems0.5
Integrated Systems Portfolio Overview0.5
Selecting the Right Integrated System for the Right Application0.5
MXA310 Table Array Technical Enablement  0.5
MXA710 Linear Array Technical Enablement 0.5
Networking for Shure DSP and Audio Interfaces 0.5
Microflex Complete Technical Enablement Training (Modules 1-3) 0.75
IntelliMix Room Technical Enablement Training 0.75
Microflex Wireless Technical Training0.75
MXA910 Ceiling Array Technical Enablement 0.75
Audio Basics for Meetings and Conferences 1
Conference Room Design Basics 1
Networking for AV Professionals - Part 1 (The Basics) 1
Networking for AV Professionals - Part 2 1
Wireless Basics 1
Shure Master Class: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques 7
RF Coordination Workshop (in-person training course only)16

Please check the AVIXA website for CTS RU providers for up to date information. 

Where can I sign up for these courses?

Shure online training is free and available to all. Via our learning portal, you can access technical product courses and conceptional training from the basics to the more in-depth, covering; wireless technology and the fundamentals of RF to audio networking and best practices. 

To find out more and to sign up for an account, visit the Shure Audio Institute site

Samantha Gibbs

Samantha Gibbs

Sam Gibbs has been at Shure since 2013. She began as Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of Shure UK, where she built her product and market knowledge as well as her passion for high-quality education and training delivery. Sam joined the Shure Audio Institute team in 2017 and is the Senior Specialist for Shure’s global online learning platform, as well as, representing training needs and supporting Shure’s businesses in Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia.