SCM810 - Eight Channel Automatic Mixer


Eight Channel Automatic Mixer

8-channel automatic mixer improves audio quality in any application in which multiple microphones are required. Features include fast microphone selection, adjustable EQ, adjustable low-frequency roll off, and peak-responding output limiter.

Product Details

This eight-channel automatic mixer features the Shure patented IntelliMix®, which activates only microphones being addressed, minimizing poor audio caused by multiple open microphones.

The SCM810 is designed specifically for installed sound applications. 

Features include adjustable EQ per channel, 48 V phantom power, active balanced microphone - or line-level inputs, line-level outputs, highly RF resistant chassis and circuitry, complete logic control of microphone activation, linking capacity for up to 400 microphones, with an internal power supply. 120/230 Vac power.

  • 1 - Block Connectors
  • Eight balanced mic-line input channels (Phoenix block connectors)
  • One unbalanced 1/4" aux level input
  • Eight unbalanced 1/4" direct line level outputs
  • One balanced master line level output (Phoenix block connector)
  • Selectable 46V phantom power per channel
  • Level selectable peak output limiter
  • Full rack width (single rack height)


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Best choice table microphone for SCM810
March 2, 2018

A gooseneck microphone, such as the MX400 series, will provide better sound than a boundary microphone, simply because the microphone will be closer t ...

Schematic for an SCM810
February 23, 2018

For schematics and service manuals, please contact Shure Service at 800-516-2525 or 847-600-8700. ...

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SCM810 breakout terminals for the logic connector
February 22, 2018

Sorry, we do not. Do an internet search for DB25 Terminal Block. ...

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