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Signal Path Podcast: John Grant

Marc Young | August 26, 2019
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with JOHN GRANT, a singer-songwriter who found solo success by distilling personal adversity into unsparing, witty and poignant music.

Enter the Hexadome

Marc Young | August 26, 2019
What do you get when you place BRIAN ENO, THOM YORKE and other artists inside a large metal structure fitted with six giant screens and over 50 speakers? An audiovisual revelation.

The History of the Sound at Woodstock

Michael Pettersen | August 13, 2019
Shure Historian Michael Pettersen explains how the Shure Model 565 became the primary mic to take the stage at the most significant musical event of the 20th century.

Signal Path Podcast: Steve Albini

Thomas Banks | July 26, 2019
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast episode with STEVE ALBINI, an engineer known for his particular approach to recording music and his work with Nirvana, the Pixies and many more.

The Future of Audio for Theatre Productions

Marc Henshall | July 22, 2019
In partnership with Curtain Call, we put together a panel of industry experts at this year’s PLASA Show to explore the future of audio for theatre and how it continues to influence the very nature of theatre performance.

Signal Path Podcast: Kelela

Marc Young | June 17, 2019
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast episode with KELELA, an artist with a talent for blending traditional R&B with more experimental electronic music.

For Those Who Tour: Welcome to Sweet Home Chicago

Brooke Giddens | May 2, 2019
Ask any touring musician and you’ll hear stories of couch-surfing, cheap motels and the problem of where to park the van. But in Chicago, Shure has created a home for artists on the road.

Kelela Crosses the Line

Brooke Giddens | April 15, 2019
Kelela has consistently pushed boundaries while crafting her innovative blend of R&B and electronica. LOUDER spoke with the singer about crossing lines – both creative and personal.

Tweeting to the Beat: Ash Soan Gets Social

Andrew Anderson | April 13, 2019
ASH SOAN has played in front of huge crowds keeping time for lots of big-name stars. But his biggest audience is his 200,000 followers on social media. The DRUM MASTERY 2019 judge explains why drummers should get online.

Bang It Like Bonzo: How to Get John Bonham’s Sound

Andrew Anderson | April 12, 2019
Big kits and even bigger hits: Few drummers can match the enduring impact and appeal of JOHN BONHAM. Learn how to sound like the Led Zeppelin legend.