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All About Wireless: Maximizing the Performance of IEM Systems

Shure Incorporated | November 20, 2018
Welcome to the tenth installment of All About Wireless. In this issue, we will examine the stereo multiplexing process and discuss techniques for maximizing the performance of IEM systems.

All About Wireless: Intermodulation Distortion

Shure Incorporated | November 7, 2018
In the ninth installment of All About Wireless, we focus on the generation and impact of intermodulation products.

Six Questions for Choosing a Personal Monitor System for Your Church

Sergio Alvarez | October 4, 2018
Personal monitoring systems used to be out of reach for many churches. But today's more powerful and less expensive options are allowing congregations both large and small to experience the benefits of improved sound quality, less feedback and lower stage volumes.

Artist Spotlight: VC Pines (Jack Mercer)

Marc Henshall | September 28, 2018
Best known for his work as the frontman of London-based Indie Rock band, The Carnabys, Jack Mercer embarks on his latest new project, VC Pines. We catch up with this talented young musician after a recent show.

Shure & RADA - Building the Future of UK Theatre

Shure Incorporated | September 19, 2018
Education is paramount when it comes to building a strong creative industry fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Making It: Getting Max Graef Jazzed Up

Marc Young | September 18, 2018
Max Graef is a musician, producer and DJ in Berlin known for infusing electronic music with hip-hop and jazz. Hear how he melds his eclectic influences in the final episode of MAKING IT, a four-part multimedia series from Shure and Mixcloud.

All About Wireless: Noise in RF Systems

Shure Incorporated | September 13, 2018
In the eighth installment of All About Wireless, we will identify several common sources of noise that affect wireless microphone and IEM systems.

Making It: Telling Stories with Maekan

Marc Young | September 10, 2018
Alex Maeland and Eugene Kan aim to tell the creative community's stories. Learn how their online platform Maekan explores the connections between fashion, tech, music and more in the third episode of MAKING IT, a four-part multimedia series from Shure and Mixcloud.

Making Your Rough Recordings Anything But “Rough”: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | September 6, 2018
In our next free webinar, we discuss with special guest Cliff Goldmacher the what, why, and how of rough recordings as well as some concrete, practical approaches to making your rough recordings as polished as possible.

Shure Signal Path Podcast: Andrew Huang

Marc Young | September 4, 2018
The Signal Path podcast from Shure brings you exclusive interviews with the people shaping the world of audio. Listen to the latest episode with Canadian musician, video producer and YouTube star Andrew Huang.