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Connect XLR Mics to a Computer with the MVX2U Digital Audio Interface

We’ve all been there before: How do you get audio from your trusty XLR microphone into your computer? The new Shure MVX2U Digital Audio Interface makes it easy!
August, 15 2023 |
A man recording on a laptop with an SM58 and MVX2U

MVX2U Digital Audio Interface highlights:

  • Compact XLR to USB-C interface
  • Onboard DSP with Auto Level Mode, limiter, compressor, EQ and more 
  • +60dB of gain that can power an SM7B
  • +48v of phantom power for condensers
  • Mini jack for latency-free headphone monitoring

Connecting a classic mic like the SM58 to a laptop or smartphone* used to be a major hassle: You needed some huge audio interface with XLR inputs and a USB output. It was rarely a portable solution and quite often lacked the oomph to power many dynamic microphones.

The other option was buying a new USB mic just for your digital recording. But now there’s a way to give your XLR microphones a new lease on life. The MVX2U Digital Audio Interface uses proprietary Shure signal processing to turbocharge any mic with Auto Level Mode.


Finally! Your ever-reliable SM58 will benefit from the same automatic volume adjustment as the USB-ready MV7 Podcast Microphone does. Never again will your audio fluctuate wildly as you speak animatedly during a podcast interview or get deep in the weeds of an intense gaming stream.

Auto Level Mode is like having your personal monitor engineer inside the MVX2U. Fortunately, it’s Shure software doing all the magic, because it would be a very tight fit inside what is a very compact audio interface! Set the distance to your mic near or far and select your preferred audio tone of Dark, Natural or Bright.

And that’s just the start of the onboard DSP (that’s Digital Signal Processing to you and me) smorgasbord this little package offers: Using the ShurePlus MOTIV app, you can adjust gain, limiter, compression, and EQ, as well as choose between manual control and the handy Auto Level Mode presets mentioned above.

Despite its small size, the MVX2U also offers a 3.5mm headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring and playback. Plus, it provides phantom power for condenser mics and up to 60 decibels of extra gain, so you can use the SM7B with it! Imagine that, never again will you have to worry if an audio interface can power this legendary vocal microphone.


Speaking of power, the MVX2U also has onboard phantom power for condenser microphones. Such flexibility means this is undoubtedly an interface for musicians as well as content creators. Imagine laying down a few vocal tracks with your favorite XLR mic no matter where you might be at the moment.

The MVX2U is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers with modern USB-C ports. Depending on your setup, you can either plug your mic straight into the interface or use an XLR cable to extend your range.


Marc Young
With a background in journalism, Marc is an editor for Shure covering anything and everything that has to do with sound. He tries to compensate for his mediocre guitar-playing skills with his writing. He is based in Portland, Oregon.