Shure MXW for Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

Shure MXW for Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

When BIRA, the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, needed to  upgrade their AV facilities – AUVICOM turned to Shure Distribution  Benelux for an installed audio system.

The project’s goal was  simple, a complete update of the existing audiovisual equipment in the  two meeting rooms. Additionally, the rooms and AV gear, should also be  combined into one room when needed. The new AV gear also needed to be  compatible with the existing telephone conference units.

Complete Scalable Solution with Discreet Design and Exceptional Audio Quality
“The customer asked for a flexible wireless solution which could be used  both for conferencing and for presentations,” explains Peter Van Den  Daele, Manager AudioVisual Installations at Auvicom. “Microflex Wireless  from Shure provided us with a quality solution with the ability to  expand the system in the future when this is required.”
Both of the meeting rooms are equipped with four wireless gooseneck  microphones. In addition, one room has an extra bodypack and wireless  handheld microphone for speech and presentations.
All microphones are amplified through ceiling speakers when needed in  specific presentation situations. The gooseneck microphones are used and  integrated for telephone conferencing and computer videoconferencing  applications. 

Easy setup and convenient remote system monitoring
The wireless control software makes managing and monitoring of the  system and its environments more efficient than ever before. The  facility manager is able to control all the devices on a remote location  via the browser-based application whenever the rooms are used. The  system also allows for custom integration with Creston Media Control.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
Microflex Wireless Choose Microflex® Wireless table microphones for flexible setup and confident communication, ensuring every voice is always heard.
MXWANI8 Audio network interface streamlines Microflex Wireless connectivity to conference room AV systems over 8 channels.
MXWAPT8 8-channel wireless access point transceiver that assigns clean frequencies to wireless microphones for conferencing.