A Multi-Purpose Office in Italy with Shure MXA710 Linear Array Microphone and SLX-D Digital Wireless System

A Multi-Purpose Office in Italy with Shure MXA710 Linear Array Microphone and SLX-D Digital Wireless System

Customer Profile

Our client is a large packaging company from Italy. Their HQ is a multi-purpose building that is used for meetings, events and to offer other facilities to the employees such as a gym, coffee break area and a bistro area. They wanted to upgrade some rooms in the building into multi-purpose rooms where they can have both virtual meetings and events. 


The main goal was to use certain rooms of the building as multi-purpose rooms. The client needed the rooms to be able to serve for a meeting and then for an event without long configurations and adjustments. Moreover, the solution had to blend in with the interior design and be as less distinctive as possible. The building is made of glass and concrete, which was the main architectural challenge from the audio perspective.


Prase, Shure Distributor in Italy and System Integrator Touchwindow have designed a solution that consisted of Shure MXA710 Linear Array Microphones and SLX-D Digital Wireless System to meet the requirements of the client.

When the rooms are being used for a meeting, the chosen solution was MXA710 Linear Array Microphones. MXA710 was chosen because of its function to point the lobes to avoid possible reflections and the integrated IntelliMix algorithms that block background noise. The latter function was a must as the mics had to be installed very close to the ventilation system.

When the rooms are converted into an event hall, the chosen solution was SLX-D Digital Wireless System. In a situation like this, RF can get very crowded due to the number of cellphones around and SLX-D guarantees the stability needed.


The client was happy with the result as the solution provided met all their requirements.

"The devices we selected for this project were perfectly suited to the building. The constant communication with the Prase team during the design phase supported us in choosing the best solutions to respond promptly to the client's requests". concluded Andrea Bianchi, the CEO of Touchwindow.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXA710 MXA710 The linear form factor of the MXA710 with IntelliMix® allows for placement virtually anywhere in a meeting space, including on a wall, around a display, ceiling, or into a conference room table.
SLXD24/SM58 SLXD24/SM58 Featuring the legendary SM58® Cardioid Dynamic Microphone capsule on top of the SLXD2 handheld wireless transmitter, the SLXD24/58 provides transparent digital audio and rock-solid RF stability for lecture halls and live performances.
WL185 WL185 Cardioid TQG lavalier microphone offers an interchangeable cartridge and consists of a rotatable tie clip, and snap-fit foam windscreen.