Shure & RADA - Building the Future of UK Theatre

Shure & RADA - Building the Future of UK Theatre

Shure Incorporated | September 19, 2018

Education is paramount when it comes to building a strong creative industry fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow. For the UK in particular, the creative sector is of significant importance as creative industries contribute increasingly to the nation's economy. The theatre market alone contributes greatly to the success of our creative sector, with more than 14 million people attending a theatre show at London's West End throughout 2016 - generating over £107m for the treasury.

In working to help foster a strong theatre industry for the years ahead, Shure is proud to once again partner with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). The partnership includes donations of Shure’s microphones and masterclasses in wireless technology.

As a world-leading institute for the education of dramatic arts, RADA is the UK's premier institute building the next generation of actors, stage managers, designers and technical specialists.

Steve Mayo, Head of Sound at RADA

The collaboration between RADA and Shure is one of innovation, rigour and experimentation. Shure is world-renowned for creating sound products of exceptional quality that combine durability and technical innovation. Shure’s success is due to their passion for sound and the belief that audio electronics are the means to self-expression for individuals worldwide.

Founded in 1925, Shure’s commitment to the highest quality standards and the methodical pursuit of perfection is reflected in every product and business practice. These standards are guided by the principal of founder Sidney Shure: “We know very well that absolute perfection cannot be attained, but we will never stop striving for it”.

"Shure's company values sit perfectly with RADA's dedication to world-class education", continues Steve. "The partnership between RADA and Shure ensures the high standards of excellence and helps to deliver consistency across specialist training, product development and application."

Equipment supplied to RADA on behalf of Shure include top-tier wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems, such as Axient Digital and PSM300, as well as Shure's range of industry-leading KSM studio microphones. By supplying a high-standard of audio equipment, RADA students gain essential experience with the calibre of tools they can expect to work with across the wider industry.

“We are honoured to continue working with RADA and the partnership has been a phenomenal experience from day one," adds Tuomo Tolonen, Pro Audio Director at Shure UK. "RADA offers their students the best possible education and it is a pleasure to play a role in preparing students so they can enjoy a successful career upon graduation."

Shure Incorporated

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