Make The World Your Stage: Boy Willows with Quick Stop By

Make The World Your Stage: Boy Willows with Quick Stop By

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Make The World Your Stage: Boy Willows with Quick Stop By

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Boy Willows is the last extraordinary artist to round off our 2022 line up with an exclusive live performance of his track 'Quick Stop By' at Gold Diggers Studios in LA. Make The World Your Stage celebrates emerging artists with performances, behind the scenes interviews and more.

For our first ever US artist, we are so excited to welcome Boy Willows to the stage! Boy Willows a.k.a Landon Fleishman headed to the Gold Diggers Studios in LA with the Shure team to record an extraordinary live performance of his popular track 'Quick Stop By'. 

With his guitar in hand, Boy Willows gave a stunning performance using the iconic SM7B and supported by his good friend and talented multi-instrumentalist, Michael. Watch the performance right here:

Now it's time to go behind the scenes and watch our exclusive interview with Boy Willows where he talks about his inspiration, his early career and the deeper meaning behind his song. Watch the interview now:

To record this amazing and delicate performance, we chose the iconic SM7B Dynamic Microphone for Boy Willows' vocals, teamed with the SM57 and MV7X for the guitars. The KSM32 was used to capture the saxophone due to its large diaphragm design and premium performance. Join our expert Laura Davidson 'Behind The Mic' as she talks through all of the mics we used and gives great tips on what works best for this kind of recording environment. Watch the video now:  

Through Make The World Your Stage we are proud to support young emerging artists to share their music and their story with the world. To find out more and discover new artists, visit the main stage here.


Boy Willows is a songwriter and musician based in L.A. His music combines incandescent alt-pop, jubilant jazz, and psychedelic-tinged folk paired with sensory lyricism and an extraordinary vocal range.

His EP, 'Choking For A Year', is out now and he is currently working on his first ever album so stay tuned for more from this memorable artist!

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