The 2014 Shure Montreux Jazz Voice Competition

Shure Incorporated | 14/07/2014

The Shure Montreux Jazz  Voice Competition showcases up-and-coming vocal talents from around the  world. The contest takes place each year during the legendary Montreux  Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Shure has been honoured to sponsor the  competition since its inception back in 2003.

In 2014, nine talented singers were invited to take part in the  semi-finals on July 11 at the Petit Théâtre at the Montreux Palace  Hotel. The jury, headed by US jazz singer Sweet Georgia Brown, first  picked three finalists to compete in the last round on July 12. After  impressive performances and difficult deliberations, the jury crowned  20-year-old American Alita Moses the winner for her compelling  renditions of “Four” by Miles Davis, Gershwin's “Someone To Watch Over  Me” and Magda Giannikou's “Amour T’es Lá?”

Alita Moses, Winner of the 2014 Shure Montreux Jazz Voice Competition 

Yes, I was nervous, but I just still tried to be me and have fun with the songs and the band – because they are phenomenal.

Watch Alita’s finals performance below.


Alita Moses, from West Hartford, CT, USA, can’t remember a time when she  wasn’t surrounded by music. Now, entering her senior year as a Jazz  Vocal Ma… 

Laura Perrudin and Myriam Bouk Moun, both from France, won the second  and third prizes respectively. All three finalists recieved €2,000  worth of Shure equipment each, as well as other prizes.

The 2014 edition of contest was notable for its collaborative  atmosphere: At one point during rehearsals for the semi-finals, the nine  supposed competitors broke into a spontaneously improvised circle song,  to the delight of everyone watching.

As in years past, former competition winner Sabine Kühlich was  backstage to offer her insights and speak with the finalists and jury  president.

Watch an interview with Alita and Sweet Georgia Brown below.


Presided by singer Sweet Georgia Brown, the jury has decided: Alita  Moses has won the Shure Montreux Jazz Competition 2014. Congrats! Sabine  Kühlich,… 

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