Make The World Your Stage: Beranger with ‘Slipping Under’

Make The World Your Stage: Beranger with ‘Slipping Under’

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Make The World Your Stage: Beranger with ‘Slipping Under’

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MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE brings musicians to unique locations to record exclusive interviews and live performances. First up is the French-Australian duo BERANGER playing their track 'SLIPPING UNDER' at an abandoned sanatorium outside Berlin, Germany.

Welcome to our digital stage! In the coming weeks, we'll showcase a selection of emerging artists and dive deeper into their inspiration and influences. 

Imagine if members of Muse and Twenty One Pilots took to the streets to get hundreds of passers-by head banging to the beat and you might have an idea of what it's like to discover Beranger's unique mix of metal-tribal drum breakdowns, heavy piano riffs and deep baritone voice.

We invited the duo consisting of Todd James (drums) and Beranger Gras (vocals/piano) to play at the historic Heilstätte Grabowsee sanatorium outside Berlin. Check out their powerful performance here:


Before recording their song, we made a stop at the place to be for any serious street music fan in Berlin, the city's famed Mauerpark. Normally bursting with crowds and performers (before the COVID pandemic), this creative spot has been an important proving ground for Beranger as a band. Find out what it's like to perform up close and personal with their fans there in the interview below:


BIO: Born from a serendipitous meeting under the bridge at Alexanderplatz square in Berlin in 2016, the duo Beranger quickly went from playing to thousands in Mauerpark to selling out their own headline show at Lido, playing Lollapalooza Festival, Melt!Festival, Fusion Festival and more recently their very own Kesselhaus headline show and Germany-wide tour.

With their first self-released The Kissed By the Light EP hitting over one million plays on Spotify without any promotion, the duo is now working on more hard-hitting songs before preparing to return to the stage for their famously high-energy shows.

Instagram: @berangerofficial 
Beranger on Spotify

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