Make The World Your Stage: Lucy May Walker with ‘Polly’s Song’

Ione Asher | 27/09/2021 Make The World Your Stage: Lucy May Walker with ‘Polly’s Song’

MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE brings musicians to unique locations for exclusive live performances. LUCY MAY WALKER recorded a special version of ‘Polly’s Song’ at the iconic Alexandra Palace in London.

Lucy May Walker is a folk-pop singer-songwriter from London. Shure met Lucy whilst she was busking in London and we were extremely proud to have her take over our digital stage this summer. Watch the full performance:

Following a short spell of rain, we sat down with Lucy to talk about her inspiration and follow her journey from busking on the streets of London to performing live on television and at top festivals. Watch the interview now:

In a completely new challenge, Shure audio engineer Jack Drury talks you through how we recorded Lucy's performance in the open-air surroundings of Alexandra Palace. With just an acoustic guitar, a keyboard and Lucy’s vocals in the mix, we captured the performance using a special configuration to reduce any unwanted noise from the outdoors. Go Behind The Mic with Jack:


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Lucy also spoke to LOUDER about life as a musician and coping during lockdown. As a regular busker, Lucy knows how tough it can be. She tells us all about her experiences as we ask the question: Is Streaming The New Busking?

Ione Asher

Ione Asher

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