Call for Legends 2013

Shure Incorporated | 14/08/2014

Being in a band takes  dedication and lots of hard work. Many musicians toil away for years  waiting for their shot at the big time. So Shure in 2013 decided to give  up-and-coming bands a helping hand – and a spot at the Montreux Jazz  Festival!


Ahead of the Shure Call for Legends Unsigned Band Competition, George  Apsion introduces Kore Studios. As part of the first prize, the winning  band wi… 

Beside the chance to play at one of Europe’s premier music festivals,  our Call for Legends contest also offered unsigned bands a professional  recording session in London and €3,000 in Shure equipment. More than  240 groups from 31 countries answered the call by uploading one of their  songs and a short video introducing themselves.

An initial phase with online voting required bands to get at least  300 listens on SoundCloud to make a top 20 shortlist. Fans also were  also given the chance to select a wildcard spot for one band. An expert  jury consisting of Chris Kimsey (producer/engineer for the Rolling  Stones), Matieu Jaton (CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival) and Antoine  Erroll, (head of A&R at Universal Music Group NL) picked the best  three bands.

Fingertrap, a young four-piece from Wales, took the top prize,  winning over the jury with their infectious stage performance and  ska-infused pop-rock. Ecstatic from their victory, the guys had several  months before their scheduled appearance at Montreux. But there was much  to do before taking to the stage in Switzerland in the summer.

First, they were treated to a three-day recording session at London’s  KORE studios with the renowned producer Chris Kimsey. “To have his name  credited on our track is absolutely fantastic,” said Fingertrap bassist  Nicholas Savage. “The guy’s worked with the likes of Rolling Stones,  INXS, Duran Duran. We has such a fantastic time at KORE studios.”

And they also got their hands on their new Shure gear, which included  a set of SM58 wireless mics and the Beta Digital Wireless Pedal Guitar  System.

Finally, the big moment came closer, and the band flew to Paris  before boarding a tour bus to Montreux. The pressure was on, but the  boys delivered a stellar performance, rocking out and winning over the  festival crowd.



Sion Carver, Fingertrap lead vocalist and piano player 

We played the Music in the Park stage overlooking Lake Geneva. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Since winning Call for Legends, Fingertrap have continued to build on  their success and the band has now become Shure ambassadors for the  latest edition of competition. Keep on rocking, guys!



Shortlisted participants of Call for Legends 2013

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