The Siberian State Academy of Geodesy

The Siberian State Academy of Geodesy is a leader and developer of  information technologies that are considered as the basic tool for the  majority of cartographic, surveying and cadastral techniques.

The State Academy of Geodesy had several requirements for their  meeting facility. The most important ones were: design and  functionality.

The DIS partner for Russia, Polymedia, and its Novosibirsk branch  established a solution based on the high-quality DCS 6000 conferencing  system.

The DCS 6000 solution Polymedia provided consisted of 52 DC 6990P  units for delegates and chairman, 52 GM 6622 shotgun high-quality  microphones, and the SW 6000 software for voting, registration, and  displaying. The DIS equipment was integrated seamlessly into the video  conferencing and displaying.

Gear List
Model Number Quantity Description
DC 6990 P Portable conference unit wit 3,5 inch touhch screen which can be configured as a chairman, single delegate or dual delegate unit. The unit features speak/function buttons, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, loudspeaker, two channel selectors and a touch screen for various functionality (microphone control, conference control, agenda handling, voting, messages).
DCS 6000 Digital conference system enables meetings of up to 3,800 users to be managed with complete control and reliability.
GM 6523/6524/6525 Gooseneck microphones offer excellent frequency range and RF resistance in multiple lengths for optimal positioning and sound reproduction.