City Music Elevates Audio Excellence with Shure Stem Ecosystem Installation

City Music Elevates Audio Excellence with  Shure Stem Ecosystem Installation

Customer Profile

A well-established name in the music scene in Singapore, City Music has been Singapore’s leading retailer and wholesaler of quality musical instruments and professional audio equipment since its inception in 1968. Over its years of operation, City Music has constantly expanded its product range to include the likes of electronic keyboards and guitars, along with the inclusion of music lessons, instrument repair, and maintenance services.

Today, City Music continues to be a leader in the music industry and a go-to destination for all things music-related in Singapore and Malaysia. It aims to continue being a trusted and reliable source of musical instruments and audio equipment, striving to provide services to meet the needs of musicians and music enthusiasts of all skill levels, backgrounds, and sonic appreciations.

As a leading force in the music industry, they have recently embarked on an exciting transformation journey, marked by a fresh corporate identity and a strategic relocation to enhance their client-centric approach. This move to a new, state-of-the-art venue signifies their commitment to elevating the standard of service and creativity, solidifying their position as a trailblazer in the industry. 


As City Music expanded into a larger office space, the need to enhance the audio experience in online meetings became evident, both for the internal team and external participants, as platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet grew in prevalence. Seamless and clear audio input and output are essential for creating a conducive and productive online meeting environment.

To tackle the challenge of inadequate sound quality in online meetings due to the lack of dedicated microphones for each participant, City Music sought an effective solution to deliver and receive crystal-clear audio, ensuring a seamless virtual meeting experience in the new era of remote collaboration. 


Shure technical experts along with engineers from Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E) worked to better equip City Music’s new office to enhance their meeting experience. With the advantage of a blank slate, the new products seamlessly integrated into the office without any need for integration with previously installed audio devices.

The new, bigger meeting room requires a scalable and flexible solution for its conferencing needs. Shure Stem Ecosystem was introduced to help address the challenges faced by the City Music team. With Stem Ecosystem, it not only provided the team with the freedom to customize the meeting room but its no-programming approach saves both time and money.

“The different parts of the Stem Ecosystem helped elevate our audio experience during online meetings,” said Hoe Yeegn Lougn, Sales Director, City Music. “Both the microphones and speaker system worked seamlessly to deliver optimum audio quality for participants on both ends of online meetings.”


Shure Stem Ecosystem was designed to give in-house IT teams the freedom and flexibility to get their conference room audio up and running with ease. City Music has benefited greatly from the implemented solution, meeting all their video conferencing needs.Interlinked with the Stem Hub which acts as the brain of the operation, the installed Stem Table and Wall gave high quality conferencing through a combined 24 microphones performing real beamforming with an innovative downward-facing speaker giving amplified performance, along with the audio quality of a full range of speakers and subwoofers.

By leveraging the Stem Ecosystem, City Music has significantly improved their online meeting experience. The team now benefits from crisp audio output without the need for individual headsets, resulting in clearer sound for participants on the receiving end. Moreover, the system has eliminated the requirement for individual microphones during conferences while ensuring high-quality audio input for all team members involved. This seamless integration of advanced audio solutions has elevated City Music's communication and collaboration, positioning them strongly in the evolving landscape of remote or hybrid meetings.

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  • City Music team using Stem Ecosystem in their conferencing room for virtual meetings

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
Stem Stem Table 1 With nine built-in beamforming microphones and an innovative downward-facing speaker, Stem Table takes the quality of your meetings to the next level
Stem Stem Hub Express 1 Hub Express connects multiple Stem devices through your network and acts as the central communication device for the audio in a room. It comes with multiple connectivity options including USB Type B, SIP, and external analog speakers.
Stem Stem Wall 1 With 15 beamforming microphones plus two full-range speakers and subwoofers, the Stem Wall can be wall mounted in any room so everyone in your meetings can hear and be heard.