P3RA Premium Wireless Bodypack Receiver

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Premium wireless bodypack receiver delivers professional personal monitoring with 24-bit digital audio processing and reliable performance. Includes LCD screen, 2-band shelving EQ, MixMode technology, stereo mode, and frequency scan and IR sync.

P3RA=-H20: PSM Wireless Receiver, Frequency band version: H20
P3RA=-K12:PSM Wireless Receiver, Frequency band version: K12
P3RA=-K3E:PSM Wireless Receiver, Frequency band version: K3E
P3RA=-L19:PSM Wireless Receiver, Frequency band version: L19
P3RA=-S8:PSM Wireless Receiver, Frequency band version: S8
P3RA=-T11:PSM Wireless Receiver, Frequency band version: T11

Product Details

The P3RA is a wireless stereo bodypack receiver for use with the PSM 300 Personal Monitor System.
With detailed 24-bit digital audio processing and reliable wireless performance, the P3RA bodypack delivers professional personal monitoring to any corner of the stage. Patented Audio Reference Companding ensures the clearest sound, with ultra-low noise and no artifacts. Find a wireless channel easily, using the scan function to automatically select the cleanest frequency available from a wide tuning bandwidth. Adjust the volume and use MixMode technology or stereo mode to create a personal mix from two channels of audio. EQ and volume limiting further individualize the sound via the high-contrast LCD menu. With a compact and rugged aluminum body, the P3RA ensures a long lifetime of use and easily clips onto a belt or guitar strap. Two standard AA batteries provide up to 7 hours of continuous use. The optional rechargeable battery (sold separately) extends runtime and allows easy in-unit charging.

Includes zippered bag and 2 AA batteries.

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.

  • Rugged, all-metal construction
  • High-contrast LCD screen with menu-based navigation
  • 2-band shelving EQ with high and low boost
  • Volume limiter sets the maximum gain level range for the volume knob
  • MixMode® technology enables adjustment of two independent monitoring mix levels 
  • Stereo mode enables adjustment of left/right balance
  • Frequency scan and IR sync quickly finds and assigns a clean channel
  • 2 AA batteries provide up to 7 hours of continuous use
  • Optional Shure lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides extended runtime
  • Power and battery status LED
  • 5-segment battery life meter
  • Power save mode preserves battery life when earphones are not connected
error_outline Professional Use Only
Recommended Retail Price
€569 €569



Dual Docking Recharging Station


Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery


USB single battery charger for SB900 or SB900B Battery


Belt Pouch for Wireless Bodypack Transmitters


Charging module


2-Bay Battery Charger


2-Bay Networked Docking Charger


Shure Battery Rack Charger


DC Volt Adapter


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