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Bem-vindo ao Amplify, sua fonte de conteúdo interativo, notícias sobre artistas e tudo relacionado ao mundo da audição da Shure. Se você é um audiófilo ou alguém que simplesmente gosta de música, temos certeza de que encontrará aqui algo para ajudá-lo a tirar o máximo proveito do seu áudio.

What Is the Difference Between Sound Isolating & Noise Cancelling Earphones/Headphones?

Marc Henshall | 29/01/2014
The difference between sound isolating and noise cancelling designs is understandably confusing. Thankfully, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Top 10 Audio Hacks, From You To Us

Allison Wolcott | 13/12/2013

Henry Rollins Reviews The SE846 Earphones

Cory Lorentz | 11/12/2013
Late one Saturday evening, I received an email from my friend Henry Rollins. Apparently he found his way to the Shure webpage and noticed the latest addition to our earphone line, the SE846.

Inside Headphones with Yuri Shulman, Shure Engineer

Davida Rochman | 17/10/2013
With a wide variety of headphones to choose from, we find that many users are looking for guidance to help them select the right headphone for their application. Shure's product line has expanded to eight different models – some open back, some closed back, and a couple of models for DJs.

The Making of the SE846: An Interview with Sean Sullivan

Allison Wolcott | 12/08/2013
In anticipation of the SE846 making its way into ears and hearts worldwide, I sat down with Shure earphone guy Sean Sullivan to get the scoop on what's so great about these earphones, the challenges of the earphone form factor, the pitfalls of audiophilia, and what makes it all worthwhile.

How to Clean Shure Earphones

Davida Rochman | 18/06/2013
You notice a drop in the sound level of your favorite Shure earphones and it's starting to get worse. Is it the cable?  The drivers? Maybe the sound source?  You keep turning the volume up – and … nothing.

Understanding Earphone and Headphone Specifications

Davida Rochman | 10/06/2013
What specifications are important to understand when purchasing new earphones or headphones? In this video, we cover the basics.

What's the Difference Between Shure's SE535 & SE846 Earphones?

Marc Henshall | 29/05/2013
How different are Shure's SE846 earphones from the previous top of the line - SE535 model. Find out how just how different they are.

Critical Listening: How to Train Your Ears

Davida Rochman | 02/03/2013
If you're going to rely on your ears to hear and identify the essential features of a well-balanced and professional sounding mix, you may need to train them first.

Noise-Cancellation or Sound-Isolation: What’s the Difference?

Davida Rochman | 20/08/2012
Chris Lyons explains the difference between two popular types of earphones.