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Bem-vindo ao Ignite, o centro de notícias, opiniões e conteúdo interativo sobre as soluções de conferências e reuniões da Shure para empresas, governo e educação.

Wireless Microphones for the Corporate Environment: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | 11/06/2019
In our next free webinar, Shure Senior Market Development Specialist Michael Moore will share best practices to help keep your RF signal on air and your audio uninterrupted.

The Challenges Of AV In Council Spaces

Kevin Beazley | 10/06/2019
Kevin Beazley shares how audio systems can play a role in improving and supporting sound in council spaces.

Navigating the Complex World of AV/IT

Troy Jensen | 23/05/2019
Troy Jensen, Global Market Development Lead, explains why the Shure Market Development team is a partner for the integrator and end users by helping with problem solving, services, support and more.

Find Out How Voice Lift Technology Makes Meetings Feel Like There's No Technology At All

Criss Niemann | 10/05/2019
The most critical aspect of a meeting is interaction. While videoconferencing systems are designed to enable interactivity between participants at different locations, its importance to communicate between people in the same room is often overlooked.

Tackling the Government Sector: The Challenges and Solutions

Marjorie Daniel | 02/04/2019
What sets the government sector apart when it comes to AV installations is the huge variety of spaces and their functions. This can prove something of a challenge.

How Webcasting is Becoming the New Government Trend

Kevin Beazley | 01/04/2019
The trend for webcasting of council meetings continues to grow across the UK, and that has led to an increasing requirement for systems and technology to be put in place to accommodate these requirements.

Enhancing Conferencing with Designer Software

Katie Farine | 28/03/2019
Shure Conferencing solutions offer customers a giant step forward in timesaving benefits with new Microflex® Advance ™ Designer software.

Best Practices for Conferencing in Government

Kevin Beazley | 25/03/2019
There are a number of best practices, along with techniques, available to consider for AV requirements within committee and Council Chambers. Kevin Beazley explains.

How Japan’s Work Reform is Creating a Need for Better Conferencing

Yuki Otomo | 15/01/2019
As Japan looks to modernize its approach to working, the need for better conferencing is coming sharply into focus.

How Wired and Wireless Conference Systems Make Meetings Easy: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | 14/01/2019
Discussion and conference systems offer features and scalability that conventional sound reinforcement systems can’t match. This webinar will discuss the specific hardware and software components that are required to deliver the most requested features in boardrooms, city councils, and other meeting facilities.