A Complete Guide To Video Conferencing Enabled Room Design

Stem Ecosystem | September 6, 2021 A Complete Guide To Video Conferencing Enabled Room Design

When you’re starting the process of designing a conference room, it can be difficult not knowing where to start or what you even need. There are a variety of elements that go into conference room design, especially when adding in solutions for video conferencing. But the good news is that this blog is the perfect guide to a video conferencing room design! Now let’s break down the components needed to put your conference room together and make it functional.


Conference Room Acoustic Treatment


One of the biggest elements is the room itself. Typically you already have a room in mind and the general room requirements are pretty set in stone (or drywall I should say) unless new rooms are actually being constructed. Each and every room has its own unique sound and acoustic signature which is based on a variety of factors in the room. Some of those factors that impact your room can be hard reflective surfaces in the room:

  • Glass walls or windows
  • Hard flooring
  • Glass or metal table
  • Type of ceiling
Room design factors that impact sound quality

So, since all of these factors impact the way your room sounds let’s go over some easy fixes to solve some of those issues and bring your room up to optimal acoustic levels.

Adding blinds, drapes, curtains over the windows to help absorb some of the reverberance. This will also help with room lighting if it’s too bright!
Adding some acoustic paneling on the walls can make a HUGE difference
Avoid putting solutions near air vents


Our recommendation:

BuzziSpace – Buzzi Space offers a variety of modern acoustic treatments that will not only help treat your space but will add a nice decorative touch to your meeting room.

GIK Acoustics – GIK Acoustics provides a wide arrange for all types of rooms. The best part is that they offer an easy DIY approach to acoustic treatments.

NetWell Noise Control – NetWell Noise Control also offers a selection of treatments for your conference room walls or even ceiling made from a large variety of materials!

So, since all of these factors impact the way your room sounds let’s go over some easy fixes to solve some of those issues and bring your room up to optimal acoustic levels.




When choosing furniture there are a few things to keep in mind. The biggest thing to think of when looking into conference room furniture is the type of material it will be made out of. This is important because the materials can impact the way your meeting room sounds like we talked about in the section above. You also want to choose furniture that goes with the culture and interior design theme of your office. Most importantly you want the furniture to also be comfortable and practical. For example, bean bag chairs and trendy couches are awesome if they fit with your office and company’s culture but they probably wouldn’t be great in more formal business offices. So remember, people could be in there for five minutes or five hours so you want them to feel welcome and at ease, for however long they’re in the room.

Our recommendation:

Tangram Interiors offers interior design services and expert integration of furniture, floor coverings, technology, and service solutions.


Video Camera


Now, of course, you want to make sure to pick a great camera for video conferencing. There are a variety of different cameras for different room sizes and based on what kind of features you need or want.

Our recommendation:

Huddly IQ camera

Huddly offers great cameras for small to medium spaces that are USB powered, utilize AI, and feature 150-degree wide-angle HD Video.

AVer C520 Pro camera

AVer also offers a variety of great USB camera options for huddle to large conference rooms with different versions of cameras based on what you’re looking for. They offer cameras high-quality PTZ cameras with smartframe technology to fit in all of your spaces.




To pair with your video conferencing, you’ll want a good display. Depending on the room size and function you can choose from a variety of options. For smaller rooms, you can use a small monitor or TV. As you get into larger rooms you can consider larger TV’s or even interactive boards.

Our recommendation:

Display options

For TV monitors: The display size will depend on your room and your preference but NEC Display SolutionsVIZIO, and Sony all have great options for rooms of all sizes.

For interactive boards: SMART BoardNEC Display Infinity Board, and Google Jam Board. These boards are useful for video conferencing and active presentations for both the boardroom and the classroom.

Video Conferencing Software

Of course to conduct a video conference meeting you need reliable video conferencing software. Your products should all be able to connect and perform flawlessly with these programs. Some of the most popular software include ZoomMicrosoft Teams, and Google Meet.




When you’re video conferencing you can continue the meeting even with poor video quality but you can’t even have a meeting with poor audio quality which is why it is crucial to have a reliable audio solution. You want a solution that is not only reliable but scalable and fits in every space.

Our recommendation:

The Stem Ecosystem can be mixed and matched into any room, making it the perfect choice for standardizing across your entire organization. By having a go-to for all your conference room audio needs, you can save time and manage your organization more effectively.

Stem allows you to design, install, adapt, check, and manage your ecosystem all on your own. Start by virtually designing any room with our RoomDesign tool and order your products with confidence directly from stemaudio.com. Then install your products in three simple steps. After your install is complete you can use our RoomAdapt tool to instantly optimize your products for their new environment and even check the audio clarity from anywhere in the room with RoomCheck. Lastly, you can manage your ecosystems remotely and even enable push notifications to stay one step ahead of any issues that may arise.

Planning the Stem Audio Ecosystem

With five networkable mix and matchable solutions (CeilingWallTableControl, and Hub) paired with a powerful software platform to back it up, the ecosystem helps in-house IT teams every step of the way from design to implementation and management. Exclusively for Stem Ecosystem users.

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