Wireless Workbench & ShurePLUS Channels Expand Control Options for SLX-D Wireless

Chris Lyons | June 16, 2021 Wireless Workbench & ShurePLUS Channels Expand Control Options for SLX-D Wireless


With reduced spectrum and an increasingly crowded RF environment, wireless users everywhere are operating under challenging conditions.  This makes it essential to have tools for frequency coordination and system management that help to ensure consistent performance of your wireless inventory.

The SLX-D Digital Wireless System offers flawless 24-bit digital audio, rock-solid RF performance, and easy set-up, and now, Shure has added networking capabilities to SLX-D that make it compatible with Shure’s Wireless Workbench® 6 software and ShurePlus™ Channels iOS app.  These software solutions offer the same powerful RF management that professionals rely on for critical oversight and control of Shure wireless systems at major events around the world.

ShurePlus Channels app shown on iPad and iPhone

But you don’t have to be setting up for a major event to benefit from these free software tools.  Wireless Workbench eliminates the guesswork of choosing frequencies for wireless microphones and personal monitor systems -- even when you have a mix of brands and models – to ensure exceptional performance whether you have eight systems or 80.  ShurePlus Channels lets you monitor the status of your Shure wireless systems even when the receiver rack is out of view.

How Wireless Workbench 6 Works With SLX-D

Wireless Workbench 6 software

Wireless Workbench 6 lets you remotely monitor and manage every piece of gear connected to your system without interrupting the production.  Frequency calculation and analysis for supported devices allows you to coordinate the entire show from one application.  The Timeline feature even lets you track RF data and review it later.  Advanced Zone Management makes calculating and organizing frequencies for large or distributed environments more manageable.

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How ShurePlus Channels App for iOS Works With SLX-D

Remote control, mobile access and real-time management, are critical components for a flawless performance—no matter the size or scope of the production. 

ShurePlus Channels app on iPhone

The ShurePlus Channels app lets you track and control your SLX-D and other Shure wireless systems from anywhere in the performance space.  You can precisely monitor RF signal strength, audio levels, and remaining battery life from your iPhone or iPad for on-the-go performance management.  Remote control of wireless channel settings can now be downloaded for free for each compatible Shure wireless system, allowing you to adjust frequency assignments, audio gain, muting, and more on compatible receivers.

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The SLX-D system is ideal for moments that matter – in schools or universities, houses of worship, corporate headquarters, hotels and meeting facilities, local government offices, and more. The optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery and dual-docking charging station keep SLX-D transmitters ready to go and support your organization’s environmental goals by eliminating alkaline battery disposal.

Compatible versions of Wireless Workbench 6 software and the ShurePlus Channels iOS app will be available to download for free in Summer 2021.


Wireless Workbench 6 is compatible with Windows 8 and 10 and Mac OS X High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur

For more information on pricing and availability for the SLX-D Digital Wireless System, visit www.shure.com/slx-d.

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