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No two meetings are the same. SW6000 Conference Management Software provides configuration, control, management, and personalization of conferences and meetings. Easily scaling to your requirements, SW6000 puts the power of managing effective conferences at your fingertips. With extensive voting control, multi-language support, agenda management, and more, so you can quickly select options for any meeting format.

MXC with SW6000 software scales to meet the needs of city councils that meet once a month, organizations that hold offsite meetings, and legislatures with intricate meeting protocols. SW6000 provides end to end capabilities that fit your requirements.

Everything at your fingertips

The chairman or administrator can control and monitor all aspects of the meeting from one interface.

Join the conversation

Intuitive, programming-free LED mute sync functionality with leading third party software codecs including Zoom and Microsoft Skype for Business.

Connected ecosystem

Offering a robust package to control meetings, operators can configure connections between rooms to external audio recording or streaming equipment and video displays.

Match YOUR meeting style

Personalized software to meet your unique requirements accommodating your organizations laws, protocols or traditions.

  • Meeting Administration: Create meetings with multi-level agendas, set meeting modes / options, and create or select from a range of reports on meeting details.
  • Speaker Management: Control conference microphones, speaking order, speech time, and name handling.
  • Participant Identification: Create and maintain detailed information on participants and their roles / permissions, login procedures (PIN code or NFC card, etc.), messaging functions, and multi-language support requirements.
  • Voting & Polling: Select from a full range of parliamentary voting options, including 2 / 3 / or 5 button, secret mode, attendance check, quorum, etc.
  • Information Display: Configure external video screens (inside or outside meeting room) that show agenda, speak / request list, vote results, messages, or other meeting information.
  • Controls and Interfaces: Set up interpretation parameters, connection to multiple rooms, import / export of agenda and participant information, as well as configuration of components

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Version 9.2.0 | View All Updates

Download for Windows 64-bit


Case Studies

Conference & Discussion System for Gdansk City Hall

Conference & Discussion System for Gdansk City Hall

The famous City Hall of Gdansk needed a system to improve the quality of the city council's public sessions.

Straubing-Bogen Council Installs DIS DCS 6000 & Shure ULX-D Mic System In Main Debating Chamber

Straubing-Bogen Council Installs DIS DCS 6000 & Shure ULX-D Mic System In Main Debating Chamber

Straubing-Bogen District Council (known in German as the Landratsamt) needed a new conferencing system for its main debating chamber, one that matched the latest technical requirements and standards.




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Release Notes

Version 9.2.0


  • This software version is used for new SW6000 installations or to update all previous SW6000 installed versions using DIS-CCU Central Unit (CU 6005, CU 6010, CU 6011. CU 6105, CU 6110 and CU 5905 are not supported)
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
  • No new SW6000 license is needed if updating from SW6000 v6.0.xxx or later versions
  • A new SW6000 license is needed if updating from SW6000 v5.8.xxx or previous versions

New Features

  • System
    • Performance improvements
  • CUA
    • Changed button layout on the Agenda screen to facilitate new features
    • Support MXCMIU as interpreter source
    • Option to add Subject notes and Meeting notes to the Meeting Agenda
  • CAA
    • Auto-numbering of agenda items
    • Support MXCMIU as interpreter source
    • ‘Voting comments’ option has been removed and replaced by ‘Subject notes’
      • When updated, the content of ‘Voting comments’ is moved to ‘Subject notes’
    • Option to add Subject notes and Meeting notes to the Meeting Agenda
      • Add Meeting note to Meeting export
      • Add Notes to Agenda export
      • Add Notes to Agenda reports
      • Added Meeting Role options for Notes:
        • View
        • View/Edit
    • Hyperlink option moved to a tab on the Agenda screen
    • Support using NFC card ID from Mifare/Desfire/ACOS3 cards
      • ID card support for affiliating unique card ID with a user
      • Card ID included in User Table import/export and Meeting import/export
      • Card enable/disable option removed
        • The previous behavior where the application should be re-started if use of cards were enabled/disabled has been removed and replaced with a ‘Login mode’ option in ‘Meeting options’:
          • Use login code
          • Use card programmed with ‘User ID / Login code’
          • Use NFC card affiliated with user
      • Important
        • SW6000 cannot program any meeting data on a Mifare/Desfire NFC card
    • English labels updated
      • Although there are many updated labels, the existing labels do not automatically change when updating SW6000 from a previous version. It is therefore recommended to import the English labels, which can be found in the SW6000 installation package in the ‘SW6000 Accessories|SW6000 Labels’ folder

Bug Fixes

  • Installer
    • If the ‘One PC’ option is selected when installing applications, the selected default language is ignored, and US English is always used.
  • CUA
    • Microphone control may become slow if many users enter the request list – can lead to a Windows Message giving the user the option of closing the non-responsive application.
    • Speak list may become out of sync between hardware and CUA microphone control – can happen for fast control in a large system switching a microphone on at the podium position from the last speaker list.
    • Individual vote result screen may display wrong colors for delegate vote
    • Slow (Speaking too fast) indication is incorrectly cleared if present when starting (e.g. a Prepared delegate list meeting)
    • When using speech time, the speakers list in the Microphones control does not display a counting timer. (Main screen speak/request list does)
    • When speech time is enabled incorrectly, users with no speak button but microphone control enabled, will see the speech time indication overlaying the keyboard microphone control edit box
    • Speech time alarm does not display red ‘alert’ color for the selected row in speakers’ grid.
    • Audio Output screen channel selection for one of the outputs has an unwanted selection option of ‘0 ’. This option is removed.
    • Speech time increment cannot be adjusted using up/down arrows.
    • Microphone control: For a ‘Prepared participant list’ meeting, the participants extension control will display all seats with assigned delegates, but only some seats that are not on the delegate list.
    • Voting Result: Votes status extension control displays ‘Quorum reached’ and ‘Registration quorum reached’ fields overlapping.
    • Moving a chairman who is speaking from his seat to the podium causes the name to be missing on the podium.
    • If a seat without any participant is selected, the info in Participant info on the Microphone screen is wrong, showing the last selected Participant and not the selected seat.
    • Info in Participant info on the Microphone screen is taken from wrong language
    • Button ‘Not Initialized’ in Agenda view for delegate using one of the low resolutions when delegate does not have rights to set a subject active.
  • CAA
    • Export of participant list to XML from a meeting fails if the list contains empty seats.
    • Selecting multiple conference units in CAA->Conference units and pressing [Delete] button creates an error and units are not deleted
    • Application creates an exception if CUI is restarted while the CAA user has the AO setup window open.
    • Updating a voting configuration with an invalid formula will display a warning, but still save the invalid formula in the database.
    • Audio output unit window may give an exception when user tries to delete unit
    • In the meeting, importing the same agenda from XML file twice will cause an exception.
    • Voting configuration: Using the voting formula SUM(Button1) will create an error message. The formula is valid and should not create an error message.
    • Meeting options: TAB order of control focus is incorrect.
    • Meeting role window can be resized below minimum size that displays all controls.
    • Size and position of the CAA is not stored/recovered
    • Changing booth for MXC605 IS, resets the ‘comment’ text field for the unit.
    • If a user with Delegate role selected opens the ‘Meeting Role’->’Agenda options’ window and then closes the window again, the Meeting role will be in the ‘update pending’ state. Since the user made no changes, there should be no pending update.
    • If a user edits the speech time configuration and this configuration is currently in use, an exception may be raised. It should not be possible to update the active speech time configurations.
    • Can’t create a ‘Detailed participant statistical report’ for a delegate if delegate has not spoken in any meeting for the selected period.
    • Set up an agenda subject configuration to reset group speech time when an agenda subject is set active. Setting a subject with this configuration active does not reset speech time.
    • Set up an agenda subject configuration to reset participant speech time when an agenda subject is set active. Setting a subject with this configuration active does not reset participant speech times.
  • CDA
    • Skin Editor: Interpretation Items: Bold and Italic settings are missing and have wrong impact

Known Issues

  • None


  • These release notes include notes from the not-released SW6000 version 9.1
  • To operate MXC devices with SW6000 version 9.2, see the following list of minimum software and firmware versions:
    • MXC firmware release 9.2.0