DFR22 - Audio Processor


Audio Processor

Audio processor provides an affordable, full-featured 2x2 option with drag-and-drop software. Features include DFR Automatic Feedback Reduction, Parametric and Graphic Equalizers, Automatic Gain Control, Gate Expander, Ducker, Subwoofer, and more.

Product Details

Two Channels. A Powerful Processor. The Shure DFR has quickly become the industry standard for effective feedback reduction. The DFR22 builds on that reputation to provide an affordable full-featured 2x2 audio processor with drag-and-drop software.

The DFR22 is ideal for installed sound reinforcement applications, such as houses of worship, theaters, and meeting facilities.

DFR22 is also a powerful setup tool in live music applications. Using the DFR22’s drag-and-drop graphical user interface, processors can be placed anywhere in the signal path.

  • DFR Automatic Feedback Reduction
  • Parametric and Graphic Equalizers
  • Cut/Shelf Equalizer
  • Compressors/Limiters
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Gate/Downward Expander
  • Ducker
  • 2-Way Crossover
  • Subwoofer Processor
  • Splitter
  • Delay Processors
  • 2x2 Matrix Mixer



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