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Using Audio Effects: Part 2

Davida Rochman | March 2, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Davida Rochman | February 4, 2009
In this episode, Chris Lyons is joined by Tim Vear to answer FAQs and discuss how to clean a microphone grill and how to hook up a mic up to a computer.

Venue Miking

Davida Rochman | February 2, 2009

Secrets of EQ

Davida Rochman | January 19, 2009

Using Audio Effects: Part 1

Davida Rochman | October 23, 2008

Wireless 101 Part Three: Antennas

Davida Rochman | August 1, 2008

Wireless 101 Part Two: Frequency Selection

Davida Rochman | August 1, 2008

Debunking Common Audio Myths

Davida Rochman | February 15, 2008
Experts from the Shure Application Engineering team take aim on some widely held and mostly misunderstood pro audio beliefs.

SM57 and SM58® Inside the Legends

Davida Rochman | December 7, 2007
We take a look at the history and technology of the legendary SM57 and SM58® microphones in this episode. A few highlights from the show include: the "drop test" and a testimonial from devoted SM58 user Henry Rollins. Tim Vear from Shure's Applications Department is our guest.

Television vs. Wireless Technology

Davida Rochman | August 20, 2007