Nelson's Do's and Dont's at Concerts

Nelson's Do's and Dont's at Concerts

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Nelson's Do's and Dont's at Concerts

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Because of my job doing Artist Relations for Shure I've had the pleasure of witnessing some pretty amazing shows. I've also had the opportunity to catch some pretty bad ones. Not that I'm complaining... It might be that the band has an off night for whatever reason and they don't sound as good as you hoped. Sometimes they are playing the concert of their lives and they come out for 5 encores and blow people's minds. There are many things that are out of our control, but nothing kills that life-changing musical moment more than dealing with a few inconsiderate individuals who manage to always find a spot next to you - in the entire venue - and do their best to kill your vibe.


Drunk girl talking way too LOUD to her bestie - who is standing right next to her - about what a jerk Brian is while the band is playing your jam, I'm talking to you... Or Bro Bro drunk out of his mind and looking for a fight before the opening act is even done, I'm talking to you. Tall couple that squeeze in front of you to "get through" but stop in front of the shortest people they can find, I'm definitely talking to you... I understand this is a free country and your paid ticket gives you just as much of a right as me to attend and be entertained, but really?!? Did you pay to listen, or did you pay to get so drunk or talk so loud that you don't even remember who you came to see that you turn to me and ask, "Is this them?" Really?!? (Yes, that has actually happened to me...)

I often daydream of having the ultimate music hipster experience of not worrying about where I'm going to park when going to a show because I rode my fixie and will just lock it up on the light pole in front of the venue. And once I enter, the band welcomes me by name and says, "Hey Nelson, looks like you're the only one here, so get ready for your private concert." Since that will never actually happen, (more because of the fixie than anything else), I've decided to help all you vibe killers out there by coming up with this list of Do's and Dont's while at concerts.


  • Enjoy yourself responsibly. Have a few beers and have a good time. Just remember, you and everyone there has to get home safely after the show.

  • Comment quietly on what's blowing your mind about the show to whomever is there with you. I get it, there is nothing better than sharing a moment with someone you know.

  • Take a couple pictures, maybe even record video of your 1 favorite song. Especially if it's your first time seeing the artist or band.

  • Sing, dance, bop your head, and be a fan.

  • And the most important... Listen Linda!!!


  • For heaven's sake do not bring your iPad to the concert. I beg of you... You may want to watch the concert while you're recording it, but I don't. If I wanted to see the show from behind a screen I'd watch your video on YouTube from the comfort of my own home. Lift your hands in the air, not your giant device.

  • Get so drunk that you can't remember anything that happened at the show the night before, or even worse, get kicked out before the band you paid good money to see gets a chance to even play their first song...

  • Have an hour and a half long conversation about what a jerk your ex boyfriend is... I don't care.

  • Be tall. If you can't help yourself at least be considerate of the majority of concert goers who are short and not squeeze in front of them. I'm short and I've actually asked people shorter than me if they could see and if they wanted to stand in front of me. (I know, right? There are actually people out there shorter than me? Whaaaat?)

  • Forget the name of the band you went to see and ask a real fan - whose view you're probably blocking -  if they are them?

I'm sure I have left out many things I appreciate and despise about my fellow concert goers, but I think I will be ok if most people follow my tips. We are all there to have fun and be fans. Let's respect each other out there folks, and enjoy the live music.

Hasta pronto