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Shure Tech Tip: Phantom Power vs Bias Voltage

Davida Rochman | February 5, 2007
Many users of audio equipment believe there is no difference between phantom power and bias voltage. Not true! This post looks at the difference.

Audio Reference Companding: The Basics

Davida Rochman | February 4, 2007
We provide the basics about audio reference companding, the process of compressing audio signal prior to transmission and expanding after reception.

Making an Independent Recording, Part 2

Davida Rochman | October 15, 2005
Getting the sound you're after can have a lot to do with the microphones you use and where you place them. This post offers some practical starting points - instrument by instrument.

How to Buy A Microphone

Davida Rochman | June 15, 2005
The time has come. You’re about to embark on buying a microphone. In this article, we guide you through this maze with questions to ask yourself.