Wireless Workbench: Now is the time!

Wireless Workbench: Now is the time!

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Wireless Workbench: Now is the time!

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If you're not familiar with Wireless Workbench® this post will help you immerse yourself in the ever-changing world of wireless frequency coordination.

Calling all engineers! If you are not familiar with Wireless Workbench®, or WWB, now is the time to download this FREE software and immerse yourself in the ever-growing, ever-changing world of wireless frequency coordination.

Shure Wireless Workbench

There are now 5 Shure wireless products available that can be managed by this efficient software: our latest QLX-D™ Digital Wireless, ULX-D®, PSM® 1000, UHF-R®, and Axient®. Regardless of whether you own a channel of Shure wireless or not, you can still open WWB and coordinate frequencies for third-party and non-networked devices. There are several educational videos that will teach you the finer points of the software.

If you have invested in one of the above systems and are ready to network with WWB, our QuickStart Guide is a great first step to help you get set up and learn some basics. Shure just released a new iOS App called ShurePlus™ Channels that allows you to monitor and edit channel attributes of the wireless systems you have on your network via your iPhone or iPad.

ShurePlus Channels

Finally, our software designers are always open to ideas to help make this program be the best it can be…for you! They are constantly asking users for feedback and ways to improve workflow to help save time on the road. We have a WWB Forum where users can share their experiences, document issues, and upload/download scan data from venues around the world.

I have been out of college since 1992, and I still love learning. It excites me to learn more about WWB everyday and become a more knowledgeable representative of Shure out in the field.

Jump in and join thousands of others who are having a blast using this fantastic tool that will make your job of dealing with frequencies so much more enjoyable.