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Singaporean Artists Alfred Sim and Tay Kewei Select Shure Axient® Digital and New KSM11 Mic Capsule For First Live Concert In Two Years

June, 01 2022 |

SINGAPORE, June 1, 2022—Well known for its world-class venues and artistry, live performances in Singapore were heavily impacted in recent years. Now, some relief has come to the local music industry. After a long, two-year hiatus, renowned Singaporean artists Alfred Sim and Tay Kewei were given the opportunity to perform RE: BIRTH, an inventive reimagining of the duo’s hits and new songs, in concert at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. The celebrity couple dazzled the crowd with their talent while relying on the pristine audio quality of Shure Axient Digital® Wireless and PSM® 1000 Advanced In-Ear Personal Monitoring System.

The artists also selected the new Shure KSM11 Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule, with Axient Digital handheld transmitters, to capture their performance. The KSM11 microphone capsule enabled the duo to deliver stunning and unprecedented vocal clarity on stage during the broadcast. 

“It was so helpful to use Shure products together in synergy on stage, and the monitoring was very clear. It felt really good with the KSM11. That really gave us a confidence boost on stage. I also found that it was more natural and smoother, and it made my performance effortless.” - Alfred Sim, Cross Ratio Artist

“Over the years, we have performed with various other microphones. This time around, we were really honored and excited to use the new Shure KSM11 wireless microphone with Axient Digital at our concert. Especially since it was such a milestone for us. Our voices sounded really clear on stage, and people said we sounded even better live... and I’m really glad we got to experience this with Shure.” - Tay Kewei, Cross Ratio Artist

Coupled with KSM11, the Shure Axient Digital wireless microphone system played a key role in delivering outstanding sound throughout the night. Axient Digital combines the best aspects of earlier analog and digital wireless solutions, enabling performers and the production team to create a fully scalable Dante-compatible digital wireless system that offered unparalleled audio transparency and RF performance. 

“A microphone can easily make or break the sound of a vocal. For me, the KSM11 condenser wireless microphone is optimized to accurately capture the sound of a vocal. This allows the artists the freedom of expression. I can’t wait for people to start trying to use it because I know I can’t wait to use it again.” - Mark Spencer, Audio Engineer for Re:BIRTH Alfred Sim and Tay Kewei,‘Live’ In Concert

As a long-time and strong supporter of the local music scene in Singapore, Shure has continued to be involved in a vast array of productions and concerts in the city. For production teams managing live concerts in Singapore, the biggest pain point is often frequency interference and dropouts. With advanced spectrum efficiency, along with interference and dropout resistance, the Axient Digital Wireless system is a major asset for local RF coordinators. Moreover, it is a reliable, user-friendly system that can be used in a wide range of applications and is exceptionally suited for live concerts. Every feature has been stress-tested, and every detail fine-tuned for moments that command the highest degree of attention. 

“As a wireless solution that has been the choice of some of the biggest names in show business, the Shure Axient Digital Wireless system offers more command and control with wide tuning receivers and transmitters to Wireless Workbench®. The PSM 1000 can deliver up to 39 channels in a single frequency band with the widest PSM tuning range, ultra-linear RF transmission, and fewer dropouts than any other system, dramatically improving signal reception and increasing range,” shared Jayme Quah, Sales Manager, Southeast Asia, Shure South Asia Limited.