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Shure Professional Portables: Wireless Audio for Screens Large and Small

Need great audio for movies, television or videos? Shure has three lines of amazing wireless solutions for screens both large and small. Let’s take a look at MoveMic, SLX-D and Axient® Digital portables.
April, 01 2024 |
Shure wireless portables

Audio enthusiasts and professionals have used Shure iconic microphones and groundbreaking wireless technology on stage, for events, and in the theater for decades. What about audio for movies, television, and videos you ask? Yes! Shure has three amazing lines of audio solutions for screens both large and small. Let’s take a look at them.

Three Audio Solutions for Picture

MoveMic falls within the award-winning MOTIV range of microphones for content creators with options that includes single- and two-channel wearable, wireless microphones that connect direct-to-phone and a wireless receiver for additional connectivity to a digital camera, computer, or third-party mobile apps.

Scalable SLX-D Portables includes the SLXD3 portable plug-on transmitter and SLXD5 bag and camera-mounted single-channel wireless receiver.

Finally, included in Shure’s flagship wireless portfolio, Axient® Digital, is the AD3 and ADX3 portable plug-on transmitters and the ADX5D two-channel portable slot-in receiver.

How Do They Differ?

First, let’s describe how they are similar. Each of the three systems have Shure’s legacy of excellence designed and tested throughout. They deliver class-leading features, class-leading sound quality and ultra-reliable RF. If you have a need for great-sounding, easy-to-configure, simple-to-use audio for videos, television, or film, Shure has a portable option for you.


The MoveMic series includes MoveMic One, MoveMic Two, and the MoveMic Two Receiver Kit. MoveMic is the perfect solution for YouTubers, TikTok creators, mobile journalists, streamers, and other creatives. MoveMic One and Two include incredibly lightweight, all-in-one clip-on lavalier/transmitters that record or live stream directly to your phone using Shure MOTIV Video & Audio Apps! MoveMic Two Receiver Kit adds a two-channel cold shoe mountable receiver for those who want to record wirelessly to their camera, computer, or third-party mobile apps. MoveMic is the best solution on the market for contemporary content creators who want to record on the go and need just one or two channels of audio. It’s small, affordable, super easy to use, and the clip-on lavalier is IPX4 rated to resist rain and the elements (not submersible).

SLX-D Portables

Building on the success of SLX-D wireless audio, known for its scalability, reliable RF performance, and convenient power management solutions, SLX-D Portables includes the SLXD3 plug-on transmitter and the SLXD5 single-channel wireless receiver. Both are available individually and in various wireless system bundles. Different from MoveMic, which is completely self-contained, SLX-D Portables are made to work with other products such as the rest of the SLX-D portfolio and XLR and lavalier microphones. This means you can use the SLXD3 plug-on transmitter with any of the SLX-D receivers – portable or racks – and can match the SLXD5 wireless receiver with any of the SLX-D transmitters – portable, bodypack, or handhelds – making this the perfect solution for commercial videographers and an affordable option for entry into broadcast and film audio.

Axient Digital Portables

Bringing international touring wireless sound and RF quality to broadcast and location sound is the Axient Digital ADX5D dual-channel slot-in wireless receiver and the AD3 and ADX3 plug-on transmitters. The most complicated audio setups and demanding RF environments require flagship solutions and Axient Digital delivers. Similar to SLX-D Portables, Axient Digital Portables are intended to be used with the rest of the Axient Digital portfolio of receivers and transmitters and Shure’s high-tier broadcast and lavalier microphones including TwinPlex and DuraPlex. The world’s most-viewed sporting events, news and talk shows, TV shows and blockbuster films call on Shure Axient Digital Portables due to rock-solid RF and outstanding sound, but also features such as a wide tuning range (up to 184 MHz), High Density mode for maximized spectrum efficiency, true digital diversity for drop-out resistance, and ShowLink®which provides remote control of transmitter functions from the receiver position.

Comparison Chart

 MoveMic One & 
MoveMic Two
MoveMic Two
Receiver Kit
Axient Digital – AD
(AD3 & ADX5D)
Axient Digital – ADX
(ADX3 & ADX5D)
Typical User


  • Content Creators
  • Videographers
  • Blogger/Vloggers
  • Mobile Journalists
• Videographer 
• Broadcast Audio (local/regional)
• Location Sound (documentaries, episodic TV, etc.)
• Broadcast Audio (national/international)
• Location Sound (top-tier production sound mixers, etc.)
Key Features• 1- or 2-channel direct-to-phone connectivity using the Shure MOTIV Video app.
• Custom acoustic design and proprietary wireless software.
• Clip-on mic and transmitter design.
• Discreet and lightweight.
• Easy and fast setup
• Up to 24 hours recording in one full charge
• Water-resistant IPX4 Rated
• Same features as MoveMic One & Two
• Record directly to cameras, computers, and third-party mobile apps using MoveMic Receiver
• Single-channel portable/camera-mount receiver (SLXD5) or plug-on transmitter (SLXD3)
• Rechargeability ecosystem & power monitoring features
• Choice of mic – handheld or lavalier
• IR scan and sync of frequencies
• Available Phantom Power
• Multi-Mic Mode for group scanning, syncing, and monitoring
• Dual-channel, slot-in receiver (ADX5D) or plug-on transmitter (AD3)
• Exceptional audio quality
• Wide band tuning (up to 184 MHz)
• High Density mode for even higher spectral efficiency
• WWB and Channels software support
• IR scan and sync of frequencies
• Party Dial Mode for quick switching between active transmitters (by custom names)
• Features of Axient Digital AD
• ADX3 plug-on provides ShowLink™ remote control of wireless transmitter functions
FormWearable clip-on lavalier/transmitterMoveMic Two (2-ch) + two-channel MoveMic Receiver• Plug-on transmitter (SLXD3)
• Single-channel camera-mount receiver (SLXD5)
• Plug-on transmitter (AD3, ADX3)
• Dual-channel slot-in receiver (ADX5D)
RF RangeUp to 100 ft (30 m)Up to 330 ft (100 m)330 ft + (100 m +); far greater distance with optional directional antennas
Frequency Bands2.4 GHzGlobally Usable UHFGlobally Usable UHF
Channel Count2 channels MaximumUp to 32 channels per 44 MHz band, 10 per 6 MHz, 12 per 8 MHzUp to 184 channels per 64 MHz band, and up to 47 active channels per 6 MHz in HD Mode

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