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Miked Up – Home Recording: Miking Techniques, Tips & Tricks, Mic Basics

The MIKED UP – HOME RECORDING handbook from Shure has miking techniques, tips, tricks, and mic basics for both new producers and those looking to record their very first tracks.
January, 23 2024 |
A man holding an SM58 and fiddling with a knob.

Home recording used to be something for project studio specialists rather than regular musicians. But Billy Eilish, Chance the Rapper, Mac Demarco and Grimes have all had hit records produced out of their bedrooms. And even artists that still use studios are guaranteed to have a mobile setup they can take with them. After all, it’s super convenient. 

Of course, it’s about more than just convenience, because home recording also makes sense for your brain and your bank. Home is where you feel most comfortable. It’s where you feel creative. And it’s way, way cheaper than even a second-rate studio. 

So, how do you go about creating your own home recording setup? What gear do you need? Which mic is the right one for you? And how do you set it up so that your tracks hit different?

We’ve got the answers and packed this handbook with miking techniques, tips and tricks, and mic basics for recording vocals, guitar & bass, drums, and other acoustic intstruments.

It's time to get MIKED UP!


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Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson is a freelance writer for Shure. When he isn't touring with one of his several bands, you will find him hunched over his desk at home writing articles for the likes of Vice, The Guardian, Loud & Quiet and more.