Zoomtopia 2019: Where Innovation and Collaboration Meet

Paul Gunia | January 3, 2020 Zoomtopia 2019: Where Innovation and Collaboration Meet

Zoomtopia 2019 was a great indicator of just how much innovation is taking place in the meeting rooms sector, showing that this industry is not set to slow at any point soon. Not only does Zoom as a company continue to demonstrate impressive growth, but Zoomtopia itself has also doubled in size in each of the three years it’s been held, becoming a key date in the IT/AV events calendar.

2019 was the first year Shure has attended since becoming Zoom Room certified for several key audio-conferencing solutions, including Microflex Advance Ceiling Array and Table Array Microphones, Microflex Wireless and the IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor. We’re also proud to still be the only partner to offer Mute Sync between our DSP and the Zoom Rooms application. This enables the no-programming synchronization of mute control and LED notification with the Zoom Room Controller and the Zoom Rooms app. 

Trends at Zoomtopia 2019

Across the show there were a number of major announcements, including the news that Zoom has invested in Neat, a video conferencing hardware start-up, and the launch of new all-in-one-devices that look super simple to use in small rooms. 

A key talking point was the rise of AI, machine learning and advanced analytics, with a number of new AI capabilities announced, such as the ability to transcribe meetings, capture actions, and produce meeting highlights automatically. Zoom is continuing to innovate in this area and really seems to be pushing the envelope with features that will undoubtedly help everyday productivity.

From Shure’s perspective, it was great to have a booth at this year’s show, enabling us to meet with so many customers. What was perhaps even more special was to see Zoom actively displaying and utilizing our products. Not only did they demonstrate how products such as MXA910, MXA310, P300 and Microflex Wireless work with Zoom Rooms, but they also used our technology to power a lot of the conference. Our presentation microphone technology and multiple other pieces of Shure gear were visible in many places besides our own booth, suggesting not only that Zoom specifies our product, but that they actually use it as well.

Seeing Shure products improving the experience for users is always a pleasure, and we believe collaboration with technology partners is central to making this happen. It's important to display these advancements during events like Zoomtopia, and we look forward to sharing more innovation in future years.

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Paul Gunia

Paul Gunia

Paul Gunia has been with Shure Incorporated for 14 years. He started at Shure as a DSP engineer and later served as Product Manager for the IntelliMix line of audio processing products. Paul is now Director of Technology Partnerships.