Designer 6 Makes It Easier to Create Outstanding Audio

Chris Lyons | March 1, 2024 Designer 6 Makes It Easier to Create Outstanding Audio


PC and Mac Compatible:  Designer 6 is available for both PC and Mac platforms for greater operational convenience and efficiency.

Room Info on Device:  With Designer 6, association info between the device and the room is stored in each MXA device instead of on the computer.

File-based Room Data Storage:  Designer 6 room design files can be easily saved at any selected location and shared with other users.

Tab View:  Room design files are arranged as tabs in a single window for easy access.

End-to-End Workflow:  Improved design, configuration, deployment, and end-to-end workflow messaging. 


Designer System Configuration Software enables integrators and system planners to design, deploy and commission networked audio systems consisting of Microflex® Advance microphones, audio interfaces, IntelliMix® digital signal processors, Microflex loudspeakers, and control accessories.   Furthermore, Designer software enables precision modeling of meeting and presentation spaces by importing the floor plan, scaling rooms, and positioning devices to ensure accurate audio coverage, all in one tool.

Designer 6 makes a number of improvements on previous versions.  With a streamlined workflow, enhanced security capabilities, and more convenient file sharing, Designer 6 makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the incredible features of Microflex audio components.

Easier Room Configuration

The streamlined system design workflow lets you drag and drop desired MXA components into the room workspace, click Auto-Route, and you’re ready to deploy settings to connected devices.  Each room and each device opens as a tab that shows the room name and device settings.  Navigation from room to room and device to device is crystal clear.  Every room design can serve as a template; you can “Save As” the design from one room to be used for another room.

Simpler Collaboration

We’ve changed to a more intuitive file-based design.  Every room design is storable as a system design file, so there’s no need to import or export a database as in previous versions.  You can save the room design locally or share it with colleagues.  Even when a technician visiting a jobsite does not have the as-built design file, they can easily connect to the network and open up Designer 6’s Online Rooms tab and select the room to see the design for easy viewing and servicing.  All prior location and room files are easily converted to Designer 6 files without affecting your database for servicing legacy devices and firmware.


Enhanced Security

Designer 6 offers encrypted data communications between Shure software applications and Microflex Ecosystem networked audio devices and has several built-in features to enhance system security.  The 802.1x network authentication control (NAC) protocol requires devices to provide proof of identity (such as a passphrase or certificate) and authorization to access the network.  Service Control allows users to enable or disable specific network protocols and functions to tune the product network behavior to meet their security requirements.  Firmware 6.0 is signed for all MXA devices.

Multi-platform Flexibility

Designer 6 is compatible with Windows 10/11 or Mac OS.  It’s no problem if different people working on a project use different computers.  Regardless of your OS, Designer 6 can be leveraged for easy designs and deployments, and room files are compatible across platforms. 

Device Compatibility

Designer 6 software supports the following Microflex Ecosystem devices:

MXA901 Conferencing Ceiling Array Microphone
MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array
MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone
MXA710 Linear Array Microphone
MXA310 Table Array Microphone
IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor
ANIUSB-MATRIX USB Audio Network Interface
MXN5W-C Networked Ceiling Loudspeaker
MXA Network Mute Button

Designer 6 application software is complimentary; no registration or activation key is required to enable the application.  Download Designer 6 to start creating outstanding audio for your meeting spaces.

Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons is a 30-year Shure veteran who has filled a variety of different marketing and public relations roles. His specialty is making complicated audio technology easy to understand, usually with an analogy that involves cars or food. He doesn't sing or play an instrument, but he does make Shure Associates laugh once in a while.