GLX-D+ Dual BandDigital Wireless Systems
GLX-D+ Dual Band Digital Wireless is the perfect solution for musicians and presenters who want to go wireless with confidence, and without complexity. Every aspect of its operation is managed automatically and with total reliability, allowing you to focus on your performance. With new Dual Band Wireless Technology, GLX-D+ can operate in both 2.4 and 5.8GHz, more than doubling the available bandwidth while also intelligently avoiding interference for reliable, dropout-free audio.

Featuring smart rechargeability with up to 12 hours of runtime (improved from prior generation GLX-D), the included lithium-ion battery can be charged multiple ways and offers quick charge capabilities. Available with multiple legendary microphone options (including the SM58®) in tabletop, half-rack and guitar pedal system configurations. When combined with Frequency Manager and directional antenna accessories (both sold separately), the rack-mount receiver systems are ideal for small and medium installations where a larger number of channels is needed.

GLX-D+ Dual Band transmitters and receivers are not compatible with previous GLX-D or GLX-D Advanced Wireless.

GLX-D+ Dual Band

Digital Wireless Systems
Why it's better

New Dual Band Wireless Technology. 

With the new Dual Band Wireless Technology, GLX-D+ can operate in either 2.4 or 5.8GHz, doubling your available bandwidth for reliable dropout-free audio.

Smart Rechargeability. 

End battery life uncertainty with GLX-D+ Dual Band rechargeable battery. With up to 12 hours of runtime, the new lithium-Ion SB904 batteries can be charged directly in the receiver or via USB-C connector on the handheld microphone or bodypack. A quick charge feature allows for 1.5 hours of use from a 15 minute charge.

New, Improved Performance.

GLX-D+ Dual Band Digital Wireless offers new features that were previously unavailable in the first generation of GLX-D Wireless: operation in both 2.4 and 5.8GHz, improved battery life, and integrated ¼” guitar input.
Quality that’s in the Details

Easy, Worry-free Setup and Management.

Transmitters and receivers pair up automatically making setup as simple as possible - plug in and you're ready to go. Smart frequency management continuously monitors the spectrum and seamlessly moves to a clean channel in case any interference appears. Go wireless without complication.

Rock-Solid RF Performance for Multiple System Installations.

GLX-D+ Dual Band Wireless provides improved RF performance, antenna distribution and automatic frequency management for up to 11 half-rack systems in typical environments (16 under optimal conditions). Separately available Frequency Manager (GLXD+FM) required.

License-Free Frequency Range.

Travel without worrying about licenses, frequency coordination and other technical hurdles. 

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