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Dual sided e-paper information display which identifies conference participants. Used with MXC, DCS 6000.

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When meeting protocol demands that speakers can be clearly identified, the MXCSIGN provides easily readable names, titles, or other text in conferences and panel discussions. The two-sided high-contrast e-paper display and wide viewing angle deliver maximum readability from anywhere in the room, and the image is retained even without power to the sign. Information can be uploaded to the sign from the DIS-CCU Central Unit or SW6000 software in real time. The MXCSIGN can be placed on the table for temporary meetings or flush-mounted in permanent installations.


  • High resolution (1900 x 460 pixels, 133 ppi), high contrast e-paper display for maximum readability
  • E-paper screen retains image even without power
  • Default template supports one or two lines of text


  • Connects to DCS-LAN with loop-through RJ45 connections
  • Can be free-standing or permanently mounted with included hardware


  • Name updates automatically when conference starts (assigned seating) or when delegate inserts ID card (free seating)
  • Dual-delegate mode allows two participants to share one sign
  • With SW6000 software, create custom templates with different layouts, fonts, reverse text
error_outline Professional Use Only
Recommended Retail Price
£1,620 £1,620



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