MXWAPT2 + ANIUSB-MATRIX AV Conferencing Bundle

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The Microflex® Wireless MXWAPT2 Access Point Transceiver together with the ANIUSB-MATRIX Audio Network Interface deliver natural voice quality and excellent speech intelligibility for conferencing and presentations. A selection of versatile wireless microphones offer a customizable, license free AV conferencing system.

MXWAPT2-Z11+USB-P: AV Conferencing Bundle (1 x MXWAPT2-Z11, 1 x ANIUSB-MATRIX)

Product Details

This perfectly paired microphone system and interface together significantly improves the quality of conference calls by leveraging reliable wireless performance, while using the acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction provided by hardware or software codecs.

The ANIUSB-MATRIX connects easily to a computer running soft codecs like Skype for Business or BlueJeans, or to other all-in-one collaboration devices equipped with a USB or analog audio interface.

  • 2-channel wireless access point compatible with Microflex® Wireless microphone systems
  • Operates in license free 1.9 GHz (or DECT) band
  • Dante (4 in / 2 out)
  • Analog audio (1 block in / 1 block out) to room AV conferencing system
  • USB (1 in/out) connection to PC-based AV conferencing application

*This bundle simplifies the ordering process while offering a discounted price. Please note that these items may ship separately.

View the ANIUSB-MATRIX software GUI demo

error_outline Professional Use Only
Recommended Retail Price
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