New York University School of Law Selects Shure DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System

New York University School of Law Selects Shure DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System

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The New York University School of Law (NYU Law) is widely known as  one of the most prestigious law schools in the United States. Located in  New York City’s Greenwich Village, the NYU Law meeting room is a venue  where many leaders from government, business and the legal community are  able to deliver speeches and participate in panel discussions. As such,  in each of these events, styling performance and clear sound are of  utmost importance for speech intelligibility and hearing. With that in  mind, Kevin Fox, associate director of media services at the law school,  elected to install a portable Shure DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System  with 40 channels. This all-in-one sound system enables the NYU Law staff  to tailor audio performance to different sized meetings based on  several factors that impact performance, including room acoustics, table  dimensions and seating arrangement.

For this particular installation, NYU Law required a system that was  flexible and portable, while not requiring a ton of time for set up.  With NYU Law having more than 30 spaces with a multitude of conference  rooms and lecture halls, the DDS 5900 stood out as the ideal audio  system, capable of accommodating the school’s diverse needs. Fox also  noted that given the amount of high-profile meetings that take place at  the facility, it was vital to have a system that looked “presidential,”  while also being extremely reliable, something Shure is widely known for  in the audio industry.

While NYU Law is currently using 40 channels for the DDS 5900, the  system is capable of accommodating up to 250 participants. The system is  also able to support four different microphone operation modes:  Automatic, First-In/First-Out, Manual and VOX (voice activation),  showcasing its versatility. Another important feature of the DDS 5900 is  the ability to control the system with a tablet or PC through a web  browser interface, or with a third-party room control system.

As a venue that plays host  to a variety of speeches and panel discussions in the government,  business and legal sectors, it was of the utmost importance to deliver  styling performance and clear sound from the conference microphone  system.

Kevin Fox, associate director of media services at NYU Law, turned to  the Shure DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System not only because it was  in-line with the budget, but also because it provided a presidential  look and performance.

This particular installation leveraged portable discussion units,  allowing for a more flexible solution that could be broken down and  reassembled easily, depending on what the room was being used for. The  discussion system is set up to allow for up to 250 participants.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
DDS 5900 Digital discussion system enables up to 250 meeting participants to hear each other clearly, across the room or across the country.
UR4D+ Part of the flagship UHF-R series provides dual-channel options and cascading for premium wireless.