Shure Axient® Brings Top-Notch Sound to the Legendary Grand Ole Opry

Shure Axient® Brings Top-Notch Sound to the Legendary Grand Ole Opry

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The show that made country music famous, the Grand Ole Opry showcases a mix of country legends and contemporary chart-toppers. For 90 years, the Opry has served as the center stage forcountry’s greatest artists andhas been deemed Nashville’stop attraction.


For its weekly radio and live broadcasts, the Opry has up to 14 acts per night and broadcasts more than 180 shows a year. This requires dependable equipment act after act, and night after night, that is reliable and versatile.


Installed Shure Axient® Wireless System for flawless RF performance and rechargeable battery integration.


The impressive audio clarity and RF stability of Axient, results in an optimal user and audience experience.

Often referred to as the “home of American music,” the Grand Ole Opry is world- famous for creating one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences. Beginning as a simple radio broadcast and evolving into a live entertainment phenomenon, the Opry has not missed a Saturday night radio broadcast since 1925. With a multitude of performers each week, quick artist changeovers between commercial breaks, and nearly 180 shows a year, the Opry’s Monitor Engineer Mark Thomas has no time for malfunctioning audio equipment or gear, which has led him and his team to maintain a longstanding history of using Shure gear.

Thomas and his team have equipped the Opry with a robust lineup of Shure products for a variety of reasons, and have looked to the company’s wireless systems and in-

ear systems for the versatility and dependability they are known to provide. Recently, the Opry installed Shure Axient Wireless Systems. To make the most of the system’svalue and features, the team leverages the integration of Shure’s WirelessWorkbench® software for flawless RF performance. When purchasing the wireless system, Thomas knew that selecting gear with rechargeable battery systems was imperative. Given the Opry’s lengthy broadcasts, the integration of Axient’srechargeable battery systems was an important factor in the decision to purchase the wireless system, as the venue’s microphones can be in use for up to eight hours.

With many of today’s biggest artists being familiar and comfortable with Shure’sPSM®1000 Personal Monitoring System, the Opry also purchased and leveraged this equipment. Thomas selected PSM1000 for its sonic clarity and excellent RF stability. He also noted that every artist he comes in contact with at the Opry seems to have experience with PSM1000 and has confidence in using it. As it relates to microphones, the Opry uses a variety of Shure wired microphones, notably the SM58®. Selecting this piece of equipment was an easy choice for Thomas, as he and his team have been longtime supporters and users of this popular mic.

Thomas was impressed with the simplicity and ease of use that Shure Axient provided. At show time, RF channels are often needed to be added for musicians or visiting media. Wireless Workbench and the Axient AXT600 make this a simple and streamlined task.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
AXT200/SM58 AXT200/SM58 6 Handheld frequency diversity transmitter includes an SM58 capsule ultra-linear RF performance for more channels and superb audio quality.
AXT902 AXT902 3 Axient handheld charging module charges 2 handheld transmitter batteries.
AXT400 AXT400 3 Dual-channel receiver assures a flawless performance, even in congested RF environments and with increasingly limited white space.
AXT900 AXT900 1 Axient rackmount charging station provides a battery-charging and storage solution with networked visibility of all battery status parameters.
AXT920 AXT920 18 Axient handheld rechargeable battery offers a highly-efficient, environmentally-conscious option for charging Axient handheld transmitters.
AXT610 AXT610 1 Axient ShowLink Access Point enables real-time control of transmitters and the ability to make remote adjustments to all transmitter settings.
AXT600 AXT600 1 Axient Spectrum Manager delivers wide-band UHF spectrum scanning, spectrum analysis, and compatible frequency coordination in a single rack unit.
AXT630 AXT630 1 Axient antenna distribution system delivers ultra-linear amplification and precision filtering for optimal performance.
UA870 UA870 1 Discontinued
UA874 UA874 1 Active directional UHF and VHF antenna delivers improved wireless signal reception with integrated amplification.
P10T P10T 4 Shure’s P10T Full-Rack, Dual-Channel Wireless Transmitter combines state-of-the-art technology with touring-grade features for professional monitoring applications of any size with no room for error.
P10R P10R 18 Diversity wireless bodypack receiver offers premium features for use with the PSM 1000 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System.
PA821A PA821A 1 Discontinued
SBC800 SBC800 2 8-battery charger charges 8 SB900B batteries to full capacity within 3 hours.