Overcoming RF Challenges at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center with Axient Digital Wireless Systems

Overcoming RF Challenges at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center with Axient Digital Wireless Systems

Customer Profile

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC) is a world-renowned event venue located on the magnificent and renowned Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong. Opened in 1988, it offers 91,500 sqm of rentable spaces and caters to an array of events ranging from government events / ceremonies, international conferences, corporate meetings, exhibitions to galas and banquets. With over 50,000 events have been hosted since its opening, HKCEC continues to be a premier choice for high-profile events in Asia Pacific region. 


Located in a highly congested RF environment, HKCEC faced a significant challenge in delivering flawless, interference-free audio across its expansive array of theatre halls, conference rooms, and ballrooms. The issue was further complicated by the large number of wireless systems in operation throughout the venue.


To navigate this challenge, HKCEC collaborated with Sound Works & Supplies Ltd. (Shure's trusted channel partner in Hong Kong) for a solution. After an in-depth analysis of the venue's unique environment and needs, Axient™ Digital Wireless Systems was selected for their exceptional RF stability, audio quality, and scalability.

With 152 channels of Axient Digital Wireless Systems, Shure ensured the flawless wireless performance throughout the extensive HKCEC complex. ADX series transmitters were equipped specially for public speaking in crucial events. This state-of-the-art wireless solution provides unmatched RF stability even in the most challenging environments, alongside excellent audio performance and networked control.

An additional enhancement came in the form of 200 units of Shure MX418D/S and MX412D/S Gooseneck Microphones, installed across various areas within HKCEC. These microphones, renowned for their high sensitivity and wide frequency response, ensure clear and accurate sound reproduction during important conferences and meetings.


After implementation, the coastal location’s RF challenges were deftly overcome. The sophisticated Axient Digital Wireless Systems and Gooseneck Microphones have enabled the venue to maintain high-quality audio consistently across all events. The user-friendly interface of Axient Digital makes managing complex wireless requirements effortless, which is a key benefit for a venue that regularly hosts large-scale events. Also, the scalability of the system ensures that HKCEC can efficiently manage these events, managing numerous wireless systems without compromising on audio clarity and performance. 

Equipped with Shure's cutting-edge technology, HKCEC is now fully prepared to meet the demands of any world-class event with reliable and superior sound solutions.

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Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
AD4D AD4D 76 Compatible with all AD series and ADX series transmitters.
AD4Q AD4Q 4 Compatible with all AD series and ADX series transmitters.
AD1 AD1 80 Lightweight, durable bodypack with optional rechargeability and TA4 connector option.
AD2/B58A AD2/B58A 82 A rugged metal handheld transmitter with powerful features and a BETA 58A® cartridge. Available in black.
ADX1 ADX1 16 A slim, light ShowLink-enabled bodypack with powerful features and options.
ADX2/K9 ADX2/K9 16 A sleek metal handheld transmitter with ShowLink remote control. KSM9 cartridge, black and nickel finish.
WL184 WL184 96 Premium supercardioid TQG lavalier microphone
MX412 MX412 100 Gooseneck microphone offers interchangeable cartridges and enhanced length and flexibility for reliably clear sound reproduction.
MX418 MX418 50 18” gooseneck microphones treat spoken audio with detail and respect, delivering what the audience needs to hear while controlling what they don’t.