Jacob Collier Kicks Off Shure #FoundSoundChallenge

Jacob Collier Kicks Off Shure #FoundSoundChallenge

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Jacob Collier Kicks Off Shure #FoundSoundChallenge

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Creative whiz JACOB COLLIER has recorded his song “It Don’t Matter” using only household objects to kick off the Shure #FoundSoundChallenge promoting the MusiCares relief fund for musicians in need.

Known for his unbounded ingenuity, Collier used rubber bands, light switches and wine glasses filled with water to completely refashion his tune to help raise awareness of the new initiative. 

With people still encouraged to remain at home in many parts of the world, Shure has asked artists like Collier to reimagine their music played with household “instruments” and post the unique renditions on social media with the hashtag #FoundSoundChallenge.

As part of the effort, Shure will make a total donation of $100,000 to the MusiCares Foundation. The public can also support musicians and other music professional facing unprecedented financial distress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Music continues to be a central part of our lives and I think we’re all looking for ways to unlock creativity while we’re spending more time at home,” said Erik Vaveris, Vice President of Global Marketing at Shure. “This is one way we can have fun while supporting a great cause.”

Though Collier’s video has certainly set a high bar for creativity, everyone can take part and remake their favorite songs with anything they find around the house, such as kitchen utensils, toys, books, furniture or other objects. Just remember to tag @shure and #FoundSoundChallenge on your videos!

Listen to the Shure Signal Path podcast with Jacob Collier below.