How Do You Do That? MV88+ Video Kit Setup and Tips

Laura Davidson | 09/01/2022 How Do You Do That? MV88+ Video Kit Setup and Tips

Learn how to set up and quickly get vlogging, livestreaming and more with your MV88+ Video Kit in the latest installment of the practical Shure video series HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

Laura Davidson will walk you through assembling each piece of the kit, including loosening the shoe mount (if needed) and changing polar patterns within the handy Shure MOTIV audio app.

Learn more about the MV88+ Video Kit Laura is using here. Not sure you need video? Check out the MV88+ Stereo USB here.

Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson

After making her way in Nashville as a singer-songwriter and backing vocalist, Market Development Manager Laura Davidson was asked to demonstrate a piece of music equipment at a little show called NAMM. She quickly fell in love with gear and technology and has worked in the music industry ever since. Her skills are centered around a passion for education and making advanced audio concepts accessible to all. She is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, an active singer and a mom of two beautiful girls.