Standardized AV Conferencing Solution for Syddjurs Municipality in Denmark

Standardized AV Conferencing Solution for Syddjurs Municipality in Denmark

Customer Profile

Syddjurs Municipality is in the Central Jutland region of Denmark.  After a merger of several municipalities back in 2007, Syddjurs Municipality now has administrative buildings in the towns of Ebeltoft and Hornslet. For several years, AV Center has been a supplier and partner to the municipality when it comes to upgrading or replacing AV solutions for their meeting and conference rooms.


The main goal of the municipality’s project was to provide a more user-friendly environment to their employees for Teams meetings in the dedicated rooms on both Ebeltoft and Hornslet sites. Moreover, the system had to fit seamlessly with the current room design.



Ebeltoft Administration is in a building that was previously a hospital. The building consists of offices, meeting rooms, a large conference room and the town hall. 

The large conference room was equipped with two Shure MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones and a P300 Audio Conferencing Processor. To complete the solution, Yamaha column speakers, a Sony PTZ camera and a Full HD Led screen were chosen. All AV equipment is operated via a Crestron control panel, and Teams meetings are controlled by a Poly control panel.

Although the Town Hall is mainly used for City Council meetings, to optimize the usage of the room the municipality wanted to install a solution for holding Teams meetings. Six MXA710 Linear Array Microphones were mounted in the ceiling, fitting perfectly with the impressive light-halo installation on the ceiling. A Shure P300 Audio Conferencing Processor handled the six array microphones and was accompanied by the same branded equipment as in the conference room.


At the Hornslet site, 2 meeting rooms were renovated: Firkanten and Old Town Hall. Each room was equipped with two MXA710 Array Microphones and a P300 Audio Conferencing Processor. The Shure audio solution was completed with the same products as the Ebeltoft location. 


With a standardized solution throughout all meeting rooms, employees at both locations are able to have Teams meetings with minimal effort and high quality. 

“We chose Shure for this installation because of the sound quality and the big line-up within the Teams certified products - microphones and DSP. The meeting rooms are very different, but we were able to cover them with the same DSP and 2 different microphones. For Syddjurs, the design was very important, especially in the Town Hall where they wanted discreet microphones placed in their “light halo” which serves as both an art piece and the lighting of the room,” explained Anders Skandshus Tychsen, Key Account Manager at AV Center.

  • MXA710
  • MXA910
  • Meeting Room

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXA910 + P300-IMX 8 Microflex® Advance ™ MXA910 - Microfone de Teto e IntelliMix® P300-IMX - Processador de Conferência de Áudio
MXA710 4 Independentemente de estar sob ou próximo de um monitor acoplado na parede, suspenso no teto ou montado em uma mesa, o MXA710 se integra sutilmente com qualquer estética de sala de reuniões, sem sacrificar a captura de áudio premium esperada do mais recente lançamento da linha Microflex Advance.