What Is The Hub And Why Is It A Crucial Part Of The Stem Ecosystem?

Stem Ecosystem | September 10, 2021 What Is The Hub And Why Is It A Crucial Part Of The Stem Ecosystem?

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages, and that saying definitely applies to our smallest device, the Hub. Hub was created to be the brain behind the operation. It acts as the “head honcho” and the center of communication between multiple Stem devices in a room to the PC running your video conferencing platform. As an added bonus, it also provides your room with some extra connectivity options, giving you the freedom to customize your room just how you want it.


When Will I need a Hub?


You need a Hub whenever you have multiple Stem devices in a room, whenever you want to use external speakers, or when you want to utilize the Dante connectivity option. Hub can be used with up to ten (10) audio devices and unlimited Controls for both SIP and Video Conferencing. In future firmware updates we will be increasing the number of audio devices that can be used in a single room. If you have multiple devices in a room, you only need one Hub and if you just have a single Stem device, you can always use it as a stand-alone unit. The Hub (which also sits on the network) will receive all the different audio inputs you assign to it through our platform and will send a single audio signal through a USB connection to your PC

As a little refresher, each Stem Ecosystem device is connected separately to the network. Stem devices receive both power and data through the network so all you need is one Ethernet cable per device (one Ethernet cable is provided with every Stem product). Yeah, it’s really that simple.


The Breakdown


As you can see here, Hub is equipped with 4 connections. Let’s break them down:

Stem Hub

Terminal Block – for external speakers. This is used when you already have existing speakers in the ceiling or would like to add them for additional speaker output.

RJ45 – Ethernet – this is your network connection for data and power.

USB – to connect to your PC running video conferencing software.

RJ45 – Dante – Stem supports Dante connectivity as well. This will allow you to convert all of the devices in your Stem room to a single Dante channel.

Hub is also equipped with a connection for a Kensington lock. If you want to make sure your Hub is safe and secure we’ve got you covered! Plus, with Hub’s small form factor, it can be concealed cleanly behind any monitor or display. Out of sight, out of mind.

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