A New Era Of Video Conferencing With The Stem Experience

Stem Ecosystem | February 23, 2022 A New Era Of Video Conferencing With The Stem Experience
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There’s been a revolution sweeping through the business world since the start of the COVID pandemic, changing the way companies operate across nearly every industry: video conferencing. Never before have teams, customers, and suppliers been able to communicate so efficiently from almost anywhere in the world.

Despite the groundbreaking advantages video conferencing provides to organizations worldwide, most offices are still stuck with piecemeal audio solutions that simply don’t satisfy the needs of their users or their environment, until one ecosystem came along and changed everything. The solution we’re referring to is the Stem Ecosystem which was developed to provide a seamless experience for anyone joining the video conferencing revolution. By combining high-quality hardware with a powerful software suite, IT managers have a complete audio solution for their entire organization. The Stem experience is centered on effortless customization, where you create your own customized combination of devices designed to fit your spaces, install in your timeframe, and manage with ease. 

Let’s Break Down The Building Blocks

The Stem Ecosystem offers IT managers a variety of networkable conferencing devices that can be mixed and matched to provide a fully customized audio solution for any space. With the ability to mix and match up to 10 Stem audio devices, you can create customized coverage in every meeting room so every participant can hear and be heard. Without further adieu - Let’s dive into the devices, shall we?

First up we have Stem Wall! Wall is a high-quality conferencing array equipped with 15 beamforming microphones plus two full-range speakers and subwoofers.

Next is Stem Table which is a quality conferencing speakerphone equipped with nine beamforming microphones and an innovative downward-facing speaker for optimal performance.

Then we have Stem Ceiling. Ceiling is a conferencing microphone array designed to be mounted above a conferencing space in one of two modes: chandelier and low-profile. With 100 built-in microphones, Ceiling gives you the freedom to further customize your coverage with 4 different beam settings (narrow, medium, wide, and fencing)! 

Now on to Stem Speaker, which is a powerful loudspeaker designed to fill your room with full-range audio so participants will never miss a word! What makes Speaker so special is that it’s innovative design gives you the option to mount the device on the ceiling, wall, or table for ultimate flexibility.

Next up is Stem Control! Control is a dedicated tablet device that provides access to the Stem Ecosystem platform along with seamless integrations with your favorite video conferencing platforms for push-to-start meetings.

Last, but not least is Stem Hub and Hub Express! They may be small but they are the devices that work as the brain of the ecosystem. Each Hub device can network up to 10 Stem audio endpoints in a room plus with connectivity options including Ethernet, USB Type B, VoIP, pluggable terminal blocks, and Dante (Hub only), all your bases are covered!

Design Before You Buy

Have you ever been excited to buy something online, only for that excitement to turn into bitter disappointment when it arrives and you find out it's not what you wanted or needed? We know that feeling all too well, which is why we created the Stem Ecosystem RoomDesign tool.

With the RoomDesign tool, you can virtually recreate your room, drop-in any combination of Stem devices, and even check out the estimated coverage ranges. Experiment with different device mixes to see what provides the best coverage for the room so you know exactly what you need before you buy!

Installation Made Effortless

Each device in the ecosystem can be set up in three simple steps. Simply mount or place the device wherever you want it, connect it to your network, and access the Ecosystem Platform to assign your devices to the room. Each install can be done in the space of a single afternoon.

Installation doesn’t stop at just putting the devices in your room - the Stem Ecosystem gives you a full suite of software tools that lets you continue customizing your audio coverage even after installation. The Stem Ecosystem platform lets you adapt to your space with Stem RoomAdapt! This feature allows each device to listen to the unique acoustic signature of your room and adjust the device settings to optimize performance. Then you can check your coverage with RoomCheck which listens to your voice, the noise in the room, and the reverberation produced by the walls and furniture to provide a custom heatmap that highlights the expected audio quality for different areas in the room. After your room or rooms are completely set up you can utilize Stem’s remote management features to observe usage rates, downtime, and any possible errors for devices across your organization all from the comfort of your desk.

A Complete Audio Ecosystem

The unique mix of networkable audio endpoints makes the Stem Ecosystem a one-stop-shop audio solution that you can design, install, and manage yourself. Whether you just need one room in your building set up for video conferencing or hundreds, Stem makes the design process, installation, and implementation a cinch. The Stem Ecosystem gives you a conferencing experience so effortless, you’ll feel silly you didn’t make the jump years ago.

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Stem Ecosystem

Stem Ecosystem

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