Snow Patrol Remix Competition

Shure Incorporated | February 14, 2013 Snow Patrol Remix Competition

The beautiful thing about a  well-crafted song is how it holds up to new interpretation. A good remix  highlights good songwriting, so everyone at Shure was excited when the  UK band Snow Patrol agreed to let their track Fallen Empires be used for  Europe-wide competition in 2012.

Our call to budding remix masters and DJs garnered more than 600  entries. The creative contestants sent in a highly diverse selection of  musical genres: From lush orchestral arrangements and stripped-back  acoustic interpretations to hard rock and techno versions.

After a Shure jury shortlisted 20 submissions, the band picked their  three favorite remixes. The winning entry came from Finland’s Juha-Matti  Koppelomäki, a university student and former studio intern. Snow  Patrol’s verdict was clear: “This remix is massive... a worthy winner!”

Koppelomäki’s complete revamp of the band’s song featured hard-rocking guitars and hammering drums.

“I really liked the original track, the lyrics and the melodies – but  as a fan of rock and metal music I decided to speed up the track, play  my own guitars and add some of my own drums,” he said. “The rest fell  into place very quickly, because the song already had the required rock  attitude.”

For his efforts Koppelomäki took home Shure equipment of his choosing  worth €1,500. The second and third place winners received €1,000 and  €500 in gear respectively.

Over the course of the contest, the high-quality remixes of Fallen  Empires racked up more than 70,000 listens in just a few short months.  And that’s a true testament to both Snow Patrol’s original songwriting  and the impressive creativity of the contestants.

Shortlisted participants of Snow Patrol Remix Competition

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