Make The World Your Stage: Abi Flynn with ‘Get Deep’

Ione Asher | May 3, 2021 Make The World Your Stage: Abi Flynn with ‘Get Deep’

MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE brings musicians to unique locations to record exclusive live performances. Next to take the spotlight is singer-songwriter ABI FLYNN with her single ‘GET DEEP’ in a grandiose church setting.

The self-proclaimed ‘Artist of Heart’, Flynn has a radiant and soulful voice that weaves its golden tones through influences of jazz, soul and R&B. Her music ignites something deep inside the listener.

Joining us from the mesmerizing venue of St. Mary's Church in Brighton, UK, Abi chose to perform ‘Get Deep’, the blazing title track of her forthcoming album about the beauty and possibility lies within the depths of us all. Watch the full performance:

Afterward, we sat down with Abi to get to know her better and learn the meaning behind the song. She explains that she wrote 'Get Deep' whilst going through a journey with cancer and self-healing, which was quickly followed by an intense initiation into motherhood. Her remarkable story of strength has inspired us and we are extremely proud to be small part of her journey. Take a look at an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview right here:

And last but not least, we go 'Behind the Mic' with Shure audio engineer Jack Drury, who's here to talk through how we recorded Abi Flynn's performance. A complex lineup including backing singers, horns and a solid rhythm section gave us the space to showcase a wide range of our microphones including the SM7B. Watch the short video now:

Her summer 2020 debut visual single for this upcoming album was ’Courage’, a euphoric and emotive soul symphony. Shot in the same church as the Make The World Your Stage performance, when Abi was 8 months pregnant following her healing journey, ‘Courage’ is a testament to empowered self-expression in the face of adversity. 'Courage' is out now.

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