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SW6000 Software de gestión de conferencias

Software de gestión de conferencias SW6000 para configuración, control, gestión y personalización de conferencias y reuniones. Incluye control completo de votaciones, soporte completo de interpretación de idiomas y configuración de agenda con documentos vinculados y enlaces a la web.

MXC with SW6000 software scales to meet the needs of city councils that meet once a month, organizations that hold offsite meetings, and legislatures with intricate meeting protocols. SW6000 provides end to end capabilities that fit your requirements.

Everything at your fingertips

The chairman or administrator can control and monitor all aspects of the meeting from one interface.

Join the conversation

Intuitive, programming-free LED mute sync functionality with leading third party software codecs including Zoom and Microsoft Skype for Business.

Connected ecosystem

Offering a robust package to control meetings, operators can configure connections between rooms to external audio recording or streaming equipment and video displays.

Match YOUR meeting style

Personalized software to meet your unique requirements accommodating your organizations laws, protocols or traditions.

  • Meeting Administration: Create meetings with multi-level agendas, set meeting modes / options, and create or select from a range of reports on meeting details.
  • Speaker Management: Control conference microphones, speaking order, speech time, and name handling.
  • Participant Identification: Create and maintain detailed information on participants and their roles / permissions, login procedures (PIN code or NFC card, etc.), messaging functions, and multi-language support requirements.
  • Voting & Polling: Select from a full range of parliamentary voting options, including 2 / 3 / or 5 button, secret mode, attendance check, quorum, etc.
  • Information Display: Configure external video screens (inside or outside meeting room) that show agenda, speak / request list, vote results, messages, or other meeting information.
  • Controls and Interfaces: Set up interpretation parameters, connection to multiple rooms, import / export of agenda and participant information, as well as configuration of components

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Versión 9.3.2 | Ver todas las Actualizaciones

Download for Windows 64-bit


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Notas de la versión

Version 9.3.2


  • This software version is used for new SW6000 installations or to update all previous SW6000 installed versions using DIS-CCU Central Unit (CU 6005, CU 6010, CU 6011. CU 6105, CU 6110 and CU 5905 are not supported)
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
  • No new SW6000 license is needed if updating from SW6000 or later versions
  • A new SW6000 license is needed if updating from SW6000 or previous versions

Bug Fixes

  • CUA
    • Using manual speech time with a chairperson set to have no speech time ‘no speech time limit’, the  manual speech time is removed, if the chairperson is switched on/off
    • If speech time is in use and paused from the speech time control – the last speaker list is cleared.
    • Using the CUA Microphones screen with Speech Time extension control open. If user selects a delegate on the speaker list and use the speech time extension control to alter speech time for the delegate, the selection on the speakers list will jump to the topmost user in the list
  • CUI
    • Webservice – the start/stop meeting data does not contain a web_id even when one has been supplied during a webservice ‘PrepareMeeting’ call.
  • CAA
    • Editing users in the user table and adding a group while editing a user does not add the group to the database.


  • To operate MXC devices with SW6000 version 9.3, see the following list of minimum software and firmware versions:
    • MXC firmware release 9.2 or later

Casos prácticos

Enfoque en la democracia y la transparencia. La Cámara Municial de Itatiba con Shure.

Enfoque en la democracia y la transparencia. La Cámara Municial de Itatiba con Shure.

Reformar la sala plenaria donde se realizan las sesiones regulares, así como las reuniones y audiencias públicas, cambiando todo el sistema de audio analógico por un sistema digital inteligente.

Conference & Discussion System for Gdansk City Hall

Conference & Discussion System for Gdansk City Hall

The famous City Hall of Gdansk needed a system to improve the quality of the city council's public sessions.

Straubing-Bogen Council Installs DIS DCS 6000 & Shure ULX-D Mic System In Main Debating Chamber

Straubing-Bogen Council Installs DIS DCS 6000 & Shure ULX-D Mic System In Main Debating Chamber

Straubing-Bogen District Council (known in German as the Landratsamt) needed a new conferencing system for its main debating chamber, one that matched the latest technical requirements and standards.