Straubing-Bogen Council Installs DIS DCS 6000 & Shure ULX-D Mic System In Main Debating Chamber

Straubing-Bogen Council Installs DIS DCS 6000 & Shure ULX-D Mic System In Main Debating Chamber

Straubing-Bogen District Council (known in German as the Landratsamt)  needed a new conferencing system for its main debating chamber, one that  matched the latest technical requirements and standards. Together with a  new video system, a DIS DCS 6000 digital conferencing system, with 76  individual conference stations (one per seat in the chamber) was  installed, alongside a Shure ULX-D digital wireless microphone system.

The council required every  speaker to have access to a system that would reproduce their  contributions to debates in a clear, intelligible manner, and which  could be integrated into the existing furniture in the chamber without  too much disruption, and minimal, low-maintenance cabling in discreet  conduits. The council also wanted the conferencing system to offer  encryption for data security when the council was in closed session.

The solution chosen for the council chamber by system design  consultant Josef Wittenzellner of Straßkirchen comprised a DIS DCS 6000  digital conference system with 76 conferencing units (one per seat in  the chamber) and Shure’s ULX-D digital wireless microphone system,  installed by systems integrator digitech GmbH & Co. KG, based in  Patersdorf. Thanks to the Shure and DIS systems, every seat in the  chamber now has a microphone, integrated loudspeakers, a simple control  panel and access to translation functions. The ULX-D wireless system  offers high-quality 24-bit/48kHz digital audio, efficient use of the RF  spectrum in the locality and advanced Lithium-ion rechargeable battery  technology, plus the required encryption technology to the AES-256  standard.

Thanks to the built-in loudspeakers now available in every seat,  every aspect of the council’s discussions can be heard clearly by each  council member, no matter where they are seated, and without having to  set the output levels too high for each speaker, which greatly improves  intelligibility. Each conference station is compact, easy to use, and  neatly integrated into the desks in front of each council member.

"Once the licences were installed on each conferencing station, the  system started working immediately, and we had no technical troubles at  all. The system has been working with total reliability, which has met  our expectations — and its reputation — for high quality," comments  Peter Haberl, Project Manager at digitech GmbH & Co. KG.

"The main points for us with the DCS 6000 were the high quality and  intelligibility it offered, plus the fact that it was so easy to use and  to integrate into the existing seating and desks in the council  chamber. It enabled us to offer a high-quality, high-performance  solution for relatively little outlay," says Christian Koebke, Project  Manager at Shure Distribution GmbH.

The designers and the integrators alike were impressed by the  information and technical support they received from Shure Distribution  during the design phase of the project, commenting, “This was the kind  of collaboration that every AV System Integrator and client hopes for.”

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
DIS-CCU DIS-CCU Esta unidad de control central DIS-CCU es una unidad basada en un potente microprocesador y diseñada para los sistemas DDS 5900 y DCS 6000. + Modos operativos: automático, FIFO (primero en entrar, primero en activarse), VOX (activación por voz) y manual. + 3 modos de interrupción microfónica. + Hasta 8 micrófonos abiertos simultáneamente. + Apagado automático de las unidades de conferencia y audio codificado para evitar escuchas ilegales.
GM GM 6523/6524/6525 Los micrófonos de tipo flexo ofrecen una excelente respuesta en frecuencia y una gran inmunidad a la RF, disponen de varias longitudes para poder colocarlos en la posición óptima y conseguir el mejor sonido.
SB900B SB900B Batería recargable de iones de litio que ofrece una sencilla opción de alimentación para los sistemas inalámbricos de Shure.
SBC200 SBC200 Estación de recarga doble que permite cargar las baterías tanto dentro como fuera de los transmisores.
ULXD2/SM86 ULXD2/SM86 Incluye el micrófono SM86 y el transmisor inalámbrico de mano ULXD2 para ofrecer un rendimiento RF excepcional sin comprometer la calidad del audio.
ULXD4 ULXD4 Receptor inalámbrico digital con rendimiento RF inteligente que aprovecha el espectro con mayor eficiencia, ideal para aplicaciones de refuerzo sonoro profesional de cualquier tamaño.
SW6000 SW6000 Software de gestión de conferencias SW6000 para configuración, control, gestión y personalización de conferencias y reuniones.
DCS DCS 6000 Sistema Digital de conferencia que permite gestionar reuniones de hasta 3800 usuarios con un control integral y una gran fiabilidad.
ULX-D ULX-D El sistema inalámbrico digital combina la calidad de audio digital de 24 bits con la escalabilidad para responder a las necesidades de las instalaciones.
ULXD1 ULXD1 Transmisor digital bodypack, compatible con los sistemas inalámbricos digitales ULX-D, que ofrece un rendimiento RF excepcional sin comprometer la calidad del audio.