Is the SM58 the most popular microphone of all time? Quite possibly, yes. What else could handle Run-DMC’s rhymes, Frank Carter’s screams and Mitski’s drama with such ease? There’s simply no substitute when you’re onstage and everything is on the line. It looks right. It feels right. Most importantly, the SM58 just sounds the way a microphone should. It sounds natural.

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How to Live Stream Church Services in 2022

Live streaming is a great way to extend your reach, and while it can seem overwhelming at first, luckily for you, we’ve written this guide to help you get started. In this guide, we’ll give you the tools you need to get started with basic live streaming setups.

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Chicas de Pro en Latinoamérica | Conoce a Leya Soraide

Chicas de Pro nació para darle espacio y poder a la voz femenina del universo del audio profesional en Latinoamérica. En este relato, te compartimos las palabras de Leya Soraide, Ingeniera de sonido, quien nos cuenta, desde Bolivia, cómo inició su carrera, la pasión por la música, y la importancia persistencia y del estudio en el audio profesional.

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