When to Use Management Software for Offsite Meetings

Antony Lovell | 20/02/2020 When to Use Management Software for Offsite Meetings

From staff training days to face-to-face meet and greets, companies and organizations often host offsite meetings and corporate events. Holding such an event outside your traditional office in a temporary space, sometimes not designed for meetings or conferences, can lead to uncertainty around the available audio solutions. A lack of confidence in the reliability of the audio technology can impact an event’s productivity, agenda and management.  

If a basic voice lift system is all that is required to distribute audio throughout the offsite space, then Microflex Complete Wireless System may be an ideal option. This wireless hardware system is suitable for events that require quick set-up for up to 125 people per one access point. With dual delegate mode enabled, the same number of discussion units can accommodate up to 250 people, which may ideal when AV budgets are limited, yet a quick setup and reliable wireless system are required.

But if meeting agendas, participant management and more are required, then the versatile functionality of SW6000 software with Microflex® Complete hardware makes it easier to run this kind of meeting smoothly.

How to Overcome Challenges for Offsite Meetings 

Some hotels and convention centers offer microphone systems for meetings but meeting organizers cannot be completely certain of the specification of an audio set-up until on the ground at an event. 

Unfamiliar Meeting Space 

An event at an offsite location may mean it will take place in an unfamiliar space, one that may not be utilized regularly for events. From an audio perspective, consider the same factors you would with any other meeting: number of attendees, presenters and presentation style, meeting room style and room acoustics. Liaise with venue staff to discuss AV and audio requirements. Also consider other potential challenges such as distractions from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. 

Venue Staff 

As with the venue, staff could be unfamiliar with event management. If this is the case, then this lack of event experience needs to be factored into the pre-event and on-the-day plans. At the same time, utilize any local knowledge to help overcome technological issues, including access to power supplies or Wi-Fi networks. 

Be Prepared for the Unexpected 

Despite requests for certain technology, event signage or administration, an unfamiliar venue means processes or agendas can be subject to last-minute changes. Technology needs to be adaptable, as circumstances beyond your control have the potential to impact your event. 

What SW6000 provides for Offsite Meetings 

The ability to configure MXC Conference Systems for a variety of conference formats is a reason why it’s an industry-leading solution.

For this type of application of temporary meeting application, or meetings that require changing set-up configurations, SW6000 software with Microflex® Complete hardware system has the flexibility to work well with offsite meetings, with the scalability to accommodate meetings of up to 3,800 participants. 

Greater Meeting Control

SW6000 offers meeting organizers voting control, agenda management, third party connectivity through one interface. The software is scalable to allow use across multiple rooms as required.

Save and Re-use Meeting Settings 

This ability to save previous meeting data in a new space is a key feature of SW6000. Meeting protocol, agenda order and proceedings are just some of the aspects that can be saved and repeated as required, reducing deployment time for new meeting venues.

Right-Sized for Your Meeting 

SW6000 can be set to the size and scale of whatever meeting you are running or participating in. Conference settings and a database of participants can be saved and recalled for greater system reliability along with personalized user interfaces for participants, technicians and meeting administrators.

SW6000’s flexibility and scalability mean delegates can configure the system to their parameters, making meetings and conversation flow seamlessly.

Find out more about how Microflex® Complete with SW6000 can enhance your meeting. 

Required SKUs to implement:

  • SW6000 Conference Meeting Management Software (includes one SW6000-CAA Conference Administrator Application and one SW6000-CUA Conference User Application)*

*Additional licenses available based on staff requirements

Antony Lovell

Antony Lovell

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