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M78S Cartridge - prongs and jumpers



I intend to set up a turntable with your M78S cartridge which is monophonic. My turntable currently has one of your better stereo cartridges in it with 4 prongs which connect to 4 wires. Does your M7...

Wiring a M78S for mono on a stereo turntable



I understand the M78S is really a stereo cartridge, but how do you wire it for mono playback? My turntable has the standard stereo 4 wires (L, LG, R, RG). For now, I just have one channel wired and h...

Shure M78S User Guide (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)



ACE BALLS X2 1. Carefully remove the stylus from the cartridge �. 2. Connect the wires from the headshell to the pins on the cartridge �. Use the following table for the correct connections. Note: T...

Stylus for M78S stylus to play 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM records



Is there a stylus that I could use with the M78S cartridge to play a mono LP or 45 RPM? Answer The SS35C stylus will fit the M78S body. This stylus has a spherical tip with a radius of 0.7 mils. It i...

Stylus for microgroove 78 RPM Records



I was given a two disc set of new stereo microgroove 78s on the Rivermont label. I have a Thorens turntable and a Shure M78S cartridge. I assume I will need a different stylus for these non wide groo...

78 rpm styli



Is it possible to obtain a 78 rpm styli for an M7D cartridge? Are there any 78 rpm styli still available for any of your cartrdiges? Answer The M7D is a very old cartridge and Shure no longer offer...

Playing LPs and 78 rpm records on the same turntable



I wish to play both LP records and old 78rpm records on my new Gemini PT2410 turntable, which has both speeds. I plan to change from one to the other by changing between 2 tone-arm headshells, with t...

3 mil stylus for 78 RPM records



For which, if any, of the Shure stereo phono cartridges (current or old) can 3 mil (78 rpm) needles be obtained? Answer Shure does not offer a 3 mil stylus. The M78S cartridge, made to play 78 RPM re...

Jumper X203 for monaural output of SCM262



Where is jumper point X203 in the SCM262? Answer The jumper X203 is located on the upper side of the printed circuit broad, an inch in front of the #3 channel RCA jack inputs. Place a "solder blob" a...

V15/Pro-S on a P-mount turntable?



Is there any way to use my existing V15/Pro-S on a new Technics turntable with a P-mount? Answer There is no adapter available from Shure that converts a 1/2" mount V15/Pro-S cartridge to a P-mount c...

Length of a record groove - 33 1/3 rpm long-playing record



Could you tell me what the approximate length of the groove on one side of a 12" Long play (usually black) vinyl 33 1/3 rpm record of the 1960's - 1970's era ? Answer An average length is 1,500 fee...

Playing mono records with a stereo cartridge



I need to archive a large collection of monophonic LP's. What is the best way obtain a mono output from a stereo cartridge? Answer Connect the stereo cartridge to a phono preamp, then take the stereo...

SCM410 jumper X9000 location



I want to change the SCM410 Hold Time to 1.0 second as explained in the User Guide. But I cannot locate x9000 on the circuit board. Please assist. Answer Position the circuit board with the input #...

M78 mono cartridge: will it play hill and dale 80 rpm Pathé discs?



Is it designed for lateral cut 78 rpm or can it be used for vertical response records? Answer The M78S is designed to play all wide groove 78 rpm records. It has a stylus radius of 2.5 mils. It shoul...

Can I use V15VxMR to play 78 rpm?



I need to get the most out of old (1896-1930) 78 rpm records. What is the ideal cartridge/stylus combination? I have a Shure V15VxMR cartridge. How does it compare with the ideal? Is there a better s...

78 rpm stylus for M71 MB phono cartridge



Hi, I am still using a Shure M71 M-B (antique!). I do need a stylus to play 78 rpm vinyl records. Can I use the M78S replacement stylus, is that one fitting in the above cartridge? If not, is it poss...

Will the N78S fit all Shure cartridges?



Will an N78S replacement needle will fit almost all Shure cartridges? Secondly, do I need a different RIAA correction when playing 78´s? Answer The N78S replacement stylus will only work with these d...

Stereo cartridge -mono application



I want to use a Shure standard mount cartridge but my tone arm only has two wires. I plan to play 45's. Some of my records sound O.K. but some sound like I'm playing them on a stereo tuner with the b...

Playing monaural LPs



What do you recommend for the best reproduction of mono LPs? I read in one of your FAQs that shunting the two channels of a stereo cartridge together would be an okay procedure for combing the two ch...

Discontinuation of Phono Products



When were phono products discontinued? Answer End of Life Notice:  May 1, 2018. For more than 90 years, Shure has been committed to manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality, relia...