GLXD16 - Wireless system for guitarists and bassists with digital pedal receiver


Wireless system for guitarists and bassists with digital pedal receiver

Precision-engineered wireless system for guitarists and bassists with digital pedal board receiver that combines automatic frequency management with true digital diversity for a rock-solid wireless signal and exceptional digital audio clarity. The pedal board receiver also features a fantastic integrated strobe tuner.

Product Details

Revolutionary Shure GLX-D® Digital Wireless Systems combine leading-edge LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management technology with best-in-class intelligent lithium-ion battery rechargeability to define the new standard for seamless operation and digital audio clarity.

Includes GLXD6 guitar pedal receiver, GLXD1 bodypack transmitter, guitar cable, rechargeable battery, power supply, wall battery charger, and user guide.

  • 1 - WA305 Instrument cable
  • 1 - PS24 power supply
  • 1 - 95E16526 Carrying case
  • 1 - 95A21651 USB cable
  • 1 - Micro USB Battery Charger

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User Guide & Specs
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Shure Update Utility

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Headphone audio output to Wireless Bodypack
December 14, 2018

As of August 2012, a custom 3.5mm (1/8") TRS plug to TA4F cable is offered by T.C. Furlong Pro Audio: - Phone: 847-367-9588The ...

GLXD6 Tuner Accuracy
September 15, 2017

Tuning accuracy is ±1 cent. Tuning range is F#0 to C8. As a point of reference, middle C = C4 (261.6 Hz) and middle A = A4 (440 Hz). ...

Tuner on GLXD6 Receiver - how to use
September 11, 2017

1. Tune the guitar: to do so "stomp" on the silver colored big metal switch on the GLXD-6.2. To change parameters of the tuner: first, be in ...

GLXD6 with guitar pedal board - mA current requirement
July 19, 2017

Sorry, we are not experts on the Furman device.  Provide the following technical information to Furman and ask their advice. The GLXD6 recei ...

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